AMU Literary Festival announces 2019 schedule - check complete list

AMU Literary Festival announces 2019 schedule – check complete list

Aligarh: Aligarh Muslim University has released the schedule of the 5th edition of the AMU literary festival. While literary festivals have mushroomed around the country and are largely corporate sponsored, It is the only student run literary festival in the country.

University students manage everything, from PR, content generation, video production, logistics, hospitality arrangements.

AMU Literary Festival – SCHEDULE


8th March, 2019

15:00 hrs – Inaugural Lecture by Siddharth Varadarajan (Founding Editor, The Wire)

Under Siege : The Media and the Idea of a University

16:30 hrs – The Relevance of Literary Festivals by Jaishree Misra, Jerry Pinto, Prof. Shafey      Kidwai moderated by Dr. Alisha Ibkar

18:00 hrs – Talk on Asghar Wajahat’s plays, and story-telling by Asghar Wajahat

19:00 hrs – Musical Evening

9th March, 2019

10:00 hrs – Reading Literature in the Age of 140 Characters by Jerry Pinto and Dr. Nafis Faizi moderated by Dr. Danish Iqbal.

11:30 hrs – Book Launch and Discus.0s.ion on the Book “Lynch Files” by Ziya us Salaam moderated by Fawaz Shaheen

12:30 hrs – Ground(ed) Report in the Digital Scape by Mahtab Alam, Shoaib Daniyal, Ghulam Jilani moderated by Dr. Mohammad Sajjad

15:00 hrs – Majoritarianism: The Undoing of Democracy by Ziya Us Salaam, Shoaib Daniyal, Prof Asmer Beg moderated by Dr. Tarushikha Sarvesh

16:30 hrs – Conversation on “Mothering a Muslim” by Nazia Erum

18:30 hrs – Play: Zabaan-Daraaz by University Drama Club

10th March, 2019

10:00 hrs – Urdu Novel ka Badalta Manzarnamah by Rehman Abbas, Shafey Kidwai, Seraj Ajmali, Tariq Chhatari moderated by Moid Rashidi

11:15 hrs – Literature and Resistance: Rethinking the Politics of Literature by Dr Shah Alam Khan, Prof. Apoorvanand, Manoj Jha, Harsh Mander moderated by Irfanullah Farooqui

1:45 hrs – Poetry Session by Sukrita Paul Kumar and Rekha Sethi

14:45 hrs – Journalism in the Age of Muscular Nationalism by Sagarika Ghose

16:00 hrs – Talk by Saurabh Dwivedi (Founder, Lallantop)

16:45 hrs – Session on “Aks-E-Yusuf” with Mohammad Sabeeh Bukhari, Mr Nadim Mahir and Prof. Shafey Kidwai

17:30 hrs – Dastan-e- Tamanna- e Sarfaroshi by Himanshu Bajpai, Shivargh Bhattacharya, Vedant Bharadwaj

18:30 hrs – Valedictory

19:00 hrs – Qawwali – by Folk and Traditional Music Club

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