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An Odisha University slaps fatwa on girls who talk to boys

Students of Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology in Odisha were left speechless when the the authorities recently imposed a rule forbidding girls from talking to boys “by the side of the road.” According to the reports, a notice was put up at Rohini Hall of Residence, one of the five girls’ hostels at VSSUT, on December 1, which stated,

“As directed by the Honourable Vice-Chancellor, the boarders of the Rohini Hall of Residence are directed not to talk with boys students on the roadside. Failing which action, as deemed proper, shall be taken against them.”

Responding to allegations that the order was a bizarre diktat, VSSUT public relations in-charge, Professor PC Swain said that the notice was issued to ensure “the security of the girls”.

The notice has received lot of flak and criticism on social media. While some students term the rule ‘draconian’ and ‘foolish’, many also say, that the rule was much-needed as public display of affection between boys and girls was allegedly getting ‘out of limits’.

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