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Weekly Horoscope August 3 to August 9, 2020: Check out astrology prediction for all zodiac signs

Weekly Horoscope August 3 to August 9, 2020: Weekly astrology predictions to help you out. Do take a read before kickstart your week.

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BY Neeraj Dhankher

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. To be seen from the moon sign (Rashi), this is your forecast for Aug 3-9


This week will bring a plethora of opportunities for you. You are likely to receive positive news on the work front. This could be in the form of a new job offer or you may be shortlisted for a prestigious overseas assignment. Either way, this will have a positive impact on your career. Your financial position will continue to improve. If you are considering selling an old property, this may just be the right time. Investments in stocks will be beneficial. There could be additional expenditure towards the end of the week primarily related to family matters. Health shall remain positive, but any problems relating to chest and stomach must not be overlooked. Your family life may not be harmonious due to ongoing health issues of an elderly member. Further, you could have a misunderstanding with your spouse which must be handled with tact and patience.

Tip of the week: Be proactive

Lucky days: Tuesday, Wednesday


This week you may need to rethink your financial planning to ensure steady flow of funds. There may be occasions when you may need to arrange funds at a short notice which can create stress and anxiety. Beware of any financial fraud. While income will be good, unforeseen expenditure may not allow savings to swell. There could be a short journey related to work in the initial part of the week. Towards the middle of the week there could be the start of discussions for a new career prospect. Domestic matters will keep you occupied and spending time with family members will lighten up your mood. Businessmen could see additional investments being made in new prospects which will pay off in the long run. Relationship with your spouse will remain cordial, but there could be some worries on account of minor health problems relating to your partner.

Tip of the week: Plan your finances

Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday


You may have a somewhat uncertain start to the week as things may not go as per plan. Deadlines, meetings or travel plans may need to be reworked. However, by the middle of the week, everything will fall in place. Businessmen will experience a new lease of life as there can be a new partnership or investment which will catapult your business. Slowly and gradually, your financial position will improve and you can expect consistent inflow of funds in the near future. Investment in stocks and shares will bear fruit. Investment in gold and silver will turn out to be beneficial. Family environment will remain cordial. You could feel a sense of detachment towards your spouse. Your children will perform well in academics. There may be minor health issues in the initial part of the week, but your health will remain stable for the rest of the week.

Tip of the week: Don’t be in haste

Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday


A new career opportunity will knock on your door in the initial part of the week. New business prospects could emerge by way of partnerships or ideas. In job, you will receive the support of your seniors which will help you accomplish tasks smoothly. You may find it tough to control your expenditure. You are advised to remain cautious against theft or deceit in financial matters. If single, there could be a positive development on the marriage front. For those married, your spouse will remain cooperative and support your decisions. Those looking to migrate to a new country will receive a positive notification. You should plan to undertake a short trip with your loved ones which will help recharge your mind. Your health may need attention during the middle of the week and you are advised to guard yourself against water-borne infections.

Tip of the week: Listen to your heart

Lucky days: Saturday, Sunday


You are advised to take it easy this week as situations may not be in your favour. You may face obstacles in your professional path. There could be unexpected losses in business and you may be required to raise a loan to salvage the situation. Avoid any new partnerships as this is not a conducive period for existing or new tie-ups. Those in a job may face a sudden increase in workload due to unforeseen situations. There could be involvement in litigation which may increase your spending. In the initial part of the week, there could be a long-distance travel relating to your career. Health will continue to bother you. You shall remain prone to minor accidents and injuries. In addition, you could face issues relating to the intestine and kidney. Avoid taking any vital decisions this week. Nonetheless, there could be positive development in your love life which will keep you in high spirits.

Tip of the week: Lie low and wait for the right time

Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday


This shall be a gainful week for you. You will remain happy and focused towards your goals. Your job will remain stable and you may be given additional responsibilities which will enlarge your area of influence. Those seeking jobs will start witnessing positive results. This is a good time to enhance your professional skills by way of enrolling into an online course. You are likely to receive financial support from your elder siblings. Your diligence will pay off in business which will translate into profits. Your family will remain supportive and there could be celebration of a social function at home. This is a favourable time for love birds as they will derive more meaning from their relationship. You are advised to work on your marriage to avoid stress in future. Students can expect good results. By and large, you will remain healthy, barring some minor issues relating to stomach and skin.

Tip of the week: Plan well, execute better

Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday


This will be a hectic week for you. During the initial part of the week, you will be actively involved in household work and you may need to prioritise your time accordingly. You may plan some renovation at home. During the middle of the week, you will be actively drawn to your work life. Your creativity will be at its peak and you will come up with innovative ways to solve existing problems. Those in the consultancy business will be strongly benefitted. Your monetary health will be good. You may plan to invest into a new property and this week is favourable for obtaining a loan for the same. Singles will be able to find suitable matches. Family environment will remain joyful. Expecting couples may be blessed with a child this week. Towards the end of the week, you shall remain prone to infections relating to eyes and throat.

Tip of the week: Be innovative and think out-of-the-box

Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday


You will remain mentally active this week and will be able to solve all problems with your intellect. You will remain focused and the ability to take quick decisions will help in building monetary assets. With gain in earning, your liquidity will also improve. You will expand your social network which will assist you in growing your business. Any existing disputes with younger siblings will be settled and your interpersonal relations will improve. You may undertake a short trip during the initial part of the week. Those in government jobs can expect a transfer to a new location. Limited speculation will turn out to be gainful. One of your close friends may get married this week. You will remain healthy with strong vitality. On the flip side, you need to be on your guard while dealing with your spouse as there are strong chances of a bitter fight owing to some old issue.

Tip of the week: Expand your social network

Lucky days: Friday, Saturday


There will be a renewed sense of optimism in your outlook towards life. Your faith in the almighty will now begin to pay off as you would be in a much better state of mind to handle unforeseen situations. You are likely to receive some pending payments in your bank account which will improve your financial standing. You can plan to switch your job and industry and implement it with efficiency. You could sign new documents during the middle of the week relating to a job or business. There could be a shift of residence or you could purchase a new property or vehicle. The relationship with your spouse may be strained and you are advised against being over possessive. You could face health issues relating to kidney, sugar or urinary tract. Your family atmosphere shall remain cordial but your mother’s health could be a cause of worry. You are advised to seek medical help as and when required.

Tip of the week: Have faith and stay focused

Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday


These are testing times for you and this week will continue to test your patience. Self-introspection at the beginning of the week will go a long way in smooth execution of your scheduled tasks. Your family will act as a source of strength for you which will keep you in a joyful state of mind. Those in business are advised to be cautious in taking any new decision since there is a likelihood of your involvement in litigation which can take an emotional and financial toll on you. Those facing problems in married life may take recourse to the legal route. Your children could face health issues. However, this is a good phase for students as they may emerge successful in competitive exams. You need to be cautious on the health front as the planetary position may inflict you with diseases related to mouth, acidity and bones.

Tip of the week: Absorb the storm

Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday


You may have to be extra cautious about your health during the first few days of the week. This could have an impact on your work life as pending work will pile up. You are also advised against making any financial decision during this period. Your inner voice and blessings of elders will help you tide over this situation. By the middle of the week, you will make a strong comeback and complete all your pending work as per the stipulated deadline. Stalled projects could be revived and you will be able to meet your targets. However, relations with superiors will continue to remain a sore point. For those who are single, this could open a new chapter in your love life. But married couples may find the going tough as lack of mutual understanding may spark off fresh disputes. Your children’s education will prosper and they may enrol in the course of their choice.

Tip of the week: Listen to your inner voice

Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday


Overall, you are in a harmonious phase in your life and this week will be no different. You will continue to build upon your skill set which will pay rich dividends in your career. You will be shielded from any adversity and all tasks will be completed as per schedule. You will receive appreciation from seniors which will further your career prospects. You can also venture out for new opportunities as you are likely to be suitably rewarded in the near future. Your financial status will remain strong and you can expect gains through prudent investments in stocks and shares. Married life shall remain harmonious and you could plan to extend the family. Children will remain a source of joy and satisfaction. You are advised to involve yourself in spiritual activities such as yoga and meditation as it will calm your nerves and keep you healthy.

Tip of the week: Chase your dreams

Lucky days: Monday, Friday, Saturday

(Neeraj Dhankher is an astrologer with proficiency in Vedic, KP and Nadi Astrology. He is Founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. The observations are made by the writer based on his own analysis)


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