Author: Shivangi Bharadwaj

Shivangi Bharadwaj, the founder of RISE by Shivangi, a root-cause first global healthcare service, operational in over 22 countries within just three years since its inception. Her journey began with a diagnosis of Guillain-Barre syndrome at age six, leading to a 16-year battle with obesity, PCOS, diabetes, thyroid issues and eating disorders. Shivangi spent more than two years pursuing self-education after sixteen years of unsuccessful conventional treatments, which helped her lose 37 kilograms and cure her illnesses. This personal journey inspired her to advocate for lifestyle as medicine and the mind-body connection to uplift everyday life and minimise preventable risks. With education from Sardar Patel Vidyalaya and Delhi University, she's got a diploma in Public Health and Dietetics and has engaged in extensive volunteer work in health counselling. She is certified as a health and wellness coach by institutions like American Fitness Professionals & Associates and has worked with patients aged 8 to 94, grappling with non-communicable diseases such as obesity, type II diabetes, menstrual disorders, heart health abnormalities, anemia, Alzheimer's, arthritis, anxiety, and depression. A strong advocate for health literacy, Shivangi continues her passion for a holistic perspective on health with ongoing studies in Clinical Psychology, establishing her credibility in the field.

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