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Ground Report: Bihar Police Constable recruitment fraud continues to haunt Susashan

By Saurav Kumar
Published on :
Exclusive: Susashan’s silence and creeping rectification in Bihar Police Constables recruitment fraud

A month ago there were series of revelations about fraud in police constable recruitment which happened under the supervision of Central Selection Board of Constable, Bihar (CSBC). Newsd carried a detailed report which exposed the ongoing fraud wherein total 9,900 candidates were selected but in different pockets of Bihar.

There are numerous cases of “Fake Candidates” appearing instead of original candidates in Physical Entrance Test (PET) started popping up simultaneously in different parts of the state.

Fresh updates on fraud in recruitment of police constable have again surfaced in public domain which has been taken in cognizance by the Central Selection Board of Constable. Selections of hundreds of candidates have been found suspicious. Fake candidates have entered the system through the merit list by clearing two level of examination- the first was the written exam which happened last year followed by the PET which was conducted early this year.

The painful saga of victims of Bihar Police Constable Recruitment Fraud

The CSBC has found shocking results as a signature of as many as 417 candidates did not match with those present on the OMR sheets which were taken during the written exam. After this established discrepancies, the signatures present on OMR answer sheets were sent to the forensic lab which works under the aegis of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). Out of 417, investigation reports of 233 candidates have come which clearly highlighted the discrepancy in both handwriting and signature. In total, on 229 selected candidates, FIR has been registered.


If we join the dots related to the fraud, the sequence of confessions which prove the occurrence of organized forgery can be summed up here-

  1. The BMP commandant of Jamui, Safi-ul-Haq and SSP of Gaya district, Rajiv Mishra spoke on rampant fraud in the recruitment of police constables.
  2. The Patna High court sought a reply from CSBC on mass fraud in police constable recruitment.
  3. The Central Selection Board of Constable itself opted for an enquiry on signature and handwriting of 417 candidates.

Above mentioned instances prove a point clear that the state government is in no mood to acknowledge forgery in the administrative selection and despite successive indications on the entry of fake candidates, no stern action has been taken by the state government.

Bihar Police Recruitment Scam: Susashan’s pin drop silence on forgery in police recruitment drive

The fraud in the recruitment of police constable did come in notice of the main selection body, i.e., the Central Selection Board of Constable but the authority has tried its best to play it safe. This can be said based on the allegedly leaked document of CSBC which lists the “Fake Candidates” in either written or PET examination.

The documented part got leaked and simultaneously there has been an enquiry indicating the wrongdoing in recruitment of police constables. The shared document has the detail of fake candidates which were once listed by the CSBC officials but there is high chance of their entry into the system.

Ground Report: Bihar Police Constable recruitment fraud continues to haunt Susashan Ground Report: Bihar Police Constable recruitment fraud continues to haunt Susashan


Initially, there was a pin drop silence both in the government and opposition camp but slowly this matter was taken in serious account when the RJD’s national spokesperson and Rajya Sabha MP, Manoj Jha wrote to Nitish Kumar requesting for an immediate high-level inquiry.

He repeated about the fraud in the on three occasions while addressing the mainstream media and social media.

Further, he ensured that in the upcoming winter session of the Bihar assembly, this forgery will be raised by legislators of the opposition benches with all energy.

The mainstream media’s silence on this issue is also heart-wrenching. Back to back, it has gained momentum that too with numerous circumstantial evidence but there is not a single line spoken or written by the renowned media houses, no prime time has been done on it, the forgery under the nose of “Susashan” has remained unquestioned.

In fact, all clues establishing the fraud in form of confessions and enquiry have been intentionally sidelined and ignored. It can be summed up- the Central Selection Board of Constable, the state government and the media are to be blamed for safeguarding the wrongdoing in the administrative selection process and partially the opposition parties also need to take the blame for halfhearted approach on the issue.