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CES 2022: Top tech companies to exhibit between 5 and 8 January in Las Vegas

CES 2022 will advance as a major innovation for global health and safety, showcasing mobility and problem solving. Additionally, thousands of small and medium-sized businesses rely on CES for their business.

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Top tech companies to exhibit at the CES 2022 between 5 and 8 January in Las Vegas

Global healthcare technology companies are lining up for one of the world’s largest face-to-face events of the New Year: CES 2022. The global healthcare technology event will showcase innovative ideas from more than 2,200 exhibitors between 5 and 8 January in Las Vegas.

CES 2022 will advance as a major innovation for global health and safety, showcasing mobility and problem solving. Additionally, thousands of small and medium-sized businesses rely on CES for their business.


Samsung has been one of the leading companies in technological innovation that always leaves a mark on everyone at CES. This year, Samsung’s new CEO Jong-Hee (JH) Han will present a pre-show keynote address, which will be held under the theme ‘Together for tomorrow’.

JH Han is a leading expert in television research and development and has played a significant role in the company’s achievement of the No. 1 position in world television sales for the 15th consecutive year.

At CES 2022, Samsung Electronics will present 13 innovative projects from its C-Lab program.

Samsung will also present four exciting projects from C-Lab Inside, its internal venture program, and nine startups supported by C-Lab. Outside, the company’s startup acceleration program, to the public.

In addition to the in-person exhibition, Samsung would also unleash its innovations in the metaverse domain.

Samsung uses the metaverse to promote various marketing strategies, increase brand awareness, and offer its fan community an expanded space for interaction.

At CES 2022, visitors can witness metaverse trends in the Photo Booth, which allows users to take pictures with Samsung lifestyle TVs and Galaxy smartphones.

You can also experience Galaxy House, where users can experience Galaxy devices by taking part in a jumping game, and Outfit Items: clothing with the names and logos of Samsung Lifestyle TVs that users can use to dress up their avatars.


ThirdEye is the future of the immersive healthcare and manufacturing experience delivered through Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (AR / MR). It is one of the first technology companies to provide the entire AR MR ecosystem, from smart glasses to AR software and custom mobile app deployment.

This company serves some of the leading names providing high-tech gaming and video surveillance using smart glasses, computer vision, and artificial intelligence-based drone operations.

The team is helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions alongside the Environmental Protection Agency’s goal of a carbon-neutral green future.

At CES 2022, we’re particularly excited about ThirdEye’s X2 MR glasses.

These smart glasses are helping healthcare professionals and their patients enjoy faster recovery times, better results, and a better patient experience.

Overall, ThirdEye could provide excellent technical support to healthcare professionals, design enhanced telemedicine operations based on remote collaboration and AR-based telepresence solutions.

Recently, ThirdEye founder Nick Cherukuri said:

“One element of the future roadmap for our RemoteEye platform is a carbon footprint score for each organization that uses the platform. The score will be used to illustrate how much the organization is contributing to improving the environment through the use of AR. “

Nick said: “The AR and MR conferencing platforms are not only financially prudent because they travel less, but by using this technology to share knowledge and operational workflows, there are huge savings in carbon emissions at CES 2022.

For example, we can bring education and telehealth to underprivileged areas around the world with augmented and mixed reality.

Additionally, our HIPAA compliant RespondEye platform enables physicians anytime, anywhere to see exactly the health issues a remote patient is facing, and then provide patients and surrogate caregivers with the appropriate diagnoses, care instructions. treatment and additional professional medical advice. With mixed reality, the possibilities are endless. “

How does ThirdEye improve COVID-19 healthcare support?

ThirdEye X2 MR glasses are the future of AR-based healthcare support. Equipped with ThirdEye X2s, healthcare professionals can remotely communicate with specialists, receive real-time instructions, diagnose patient problems, and provide better support during each patient visit more efficiently and completely hands-free.


Demand for business video conferencing solutions skyrocketed during the months of the pandemic. Almost all remote work teams use some form or another of video conferencing platforms to transmit messages in a “magical” way.

Now imagine, if you have a virtual reality solution for the video conferencing experience! That’s Arthur for you. Arthur uses virtual reality technology to virtualize space and people, allowing users to recreate office space exactly as it would have been if people were working from their desks.

With Arthur, companies can virtualize like they do:

  • Client meetings
  • Team meetings
  • Group events and activities
  • Training


The world is slowly but surely moving towards carbon neutral sources to meet global energy demands, including domestic and urbanized mobility requirements. Bluetti is one of the pioneers in sodium ion power generating units.

Capable of delivering 3000 watts of uninterrupted solar power input, Bluetti has dual AC + PV charging that amplifies capacity from 0 to 80% in approximately 30 minutes. Bluetti’s NA300 will be on display at CES 2022.

Many companies are looking to create alternative energy sources such as sodium ion batteries (NIB) to compensate for current lithium ion batteries. Compared to lithium ion batteries. NIBs are more effective and environmentally friendly.

The main advantage of using NIB is sustainability. Going forward, NIBs could replace all carbon fuel options in short-range electric vehicles (EVs) and large-scale energy storage (ESS).

Therefore, CES 2022 is still expected to be a great destination to showcase technological innovation despite many regular regulators pulling out of in-person exhibits or switching to virtual screens.


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