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Constitution Day 2023 (Denmark): Date, History, Significance, Facts

Since Constitution Day is the closest thing Danes have to a national holiday

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Constitution Day 2023
Constitution Day 2023

Constitution Day 2023: Constitution Day is observed in Denmark on June 5 to commemorate the signature of the Danish Constitution and its four subsequent revisions that occurred on the same date. Since Constitution Day is the closest thing Danes have to a national holiday, it is celebrated with great patriotism. The 5th of June commemorates the birth of democracy in Denmark and is commemorated annually with secular services, speeches by local politicians, the raising of the national flag, and church congregations, to mention a few national events.

Constitution Day 2023: History

Denmark’s Constitution Day is a very special occasion. After decades of absolute monarchy, from 1660 to 1849, King Frederick VII signed the first constitution, declaring Denmark a constitutional monarchy — a system allowing authority to be exercised only within a prescribed legal framework — in 1849.

The constitution was revised for the first time in 1866, and it was revised again in 1915, following the women’s suffrage movement, when women were granted the right to vote. A third revision occurred in 1920, followed by the final version, which was ratified in 1953 and is still in effect without any updates. Since there is no procedure for amending the constitution, the entire document must be revised whenever new clauses are added or removed.

Intriguingly, almost all amendments to the constitution have occurred on June 5, which gives the date greater significance. After eliminating the Upper Chamber, the most recent revision has created a unicameral parliament. From allowing women to inherit the throne to reducing the percentage of women’s ballots required to amend the constitution (from 45% to 40%), June 5 is one of the most significant days to commemorate in Denmark.

Not quite an official holiday, shops and enterprises close at noon and employees receive a half-day off. Political organisations and associations hold secular services, the Dannebrog is hoisted into the heavens, and the general populace celebrates together.

Constitution Day 2023: Facts

It has the earliest in-use flag.

The Danish flag is the earliest in history, having been captured in 1219 during the Battle of Lyndanisse.

Bluetooth was a Danish king’s name.

Bluetooth on your phone was named after monarch Harald Bluetooth, the second monarch of Denmark.

Greater than the length of the Great Wall of China

There is no location in Denmark from which you cannot see the ocean. It is 4,545 miles long and extends along the coast. That exceeds the length of the Great Wall of China!

Danes do not use the phrase “please”

There is no equivalent to “please” in Danish.

The happiest nation in the globe

It has been designated the happiest nation on multiple occasions and consistently tops the UN World Happiness Report.

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Constitution Day 2023: Significance

Not optimal is living under an absolute monarchy. On June 5, Denmark went from being subject to absolute aristocratic authority to enjoying a measure of freedom.

Due to the abolition of absolute monarchy, Denmark is now open to all foreigners who appreciate its regal, down-to-earth castles, opulent lifestyle, and clean, green, and eclectic neighbourhoods.

According to the Danish Constitution, comprehensive social welfare, including unemployment-, disability-, old age-, and survivor benefits, is provided to Danes at almost no cost.

Constitution Day 2023: Dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 5 Monday
2024 June 5 Wednesday
2025 June 5 Thursday
2026 June 5 Friday
2027 June 5 Saturday


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