Cooking seen as a desirable quality to have in men: Celebrity chef Aditya Bal

New Delhi: Celebrity chef Aditya Bal says that cooking nowadays is seen as one of the most desirable qualities in men to have.

Men cooking has become not just an accepted idea but cooking is also seen as a desirable quality to have in a man. So men cooking is a really good thing for both men and women in India, Bal, who used to anchor the Chakh Le India popular show told IANS

He is now associated with DLF Mall of India to anchor its Men Can Cook event on Sunday.

I took up this Men Can Cook challenge to see how far men in India have come in the kitchen in recent years. I find these cook offs really interesting and there is always something to learn from such concepts, he said.

He says that the cooking and chef industry has grown leaps and bounds.

The Indian consumer is looking to make healthier food choices without having to sacrifice on taste. But we as a nation will thrive in our own local cuisines like never before. People are now really wanting to experiment with their food. the younger demographic has played a significant role due to massive TV and online exposure to food content.

The consumer has also become far more clued up about food, flavors, quality and other nuances of a great meal, he says


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