Delhi cop raps traffic rules in parody of ‘Apna Time Ayega’, video goes viral!
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Delhi cop raps traffic rules in parody of ‘Apna Time Ayega’, video goes viral!

Ever since the popular rap from the film Gully Boy, Apna Time Ayega became a hit among everyone, people are coming up with their own versions to the beat of the song.

Now even the traffic police have used the song to convey a very important message to the people of Delhi in a parody of the hit song.  A video is going viral in which a traffic policeman is seen rapping and making an appeal through the rap that wearing helmets and adhering to the traffic rules can prove to be life-saving.

The rap has been made on the popular song “Apna Time Ayega” from Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt starrer Gully Boy. For those who do not follow the traffic rules, the song conveys them that if you will not follow the rules your time will come soon.

Watch viral video:

Earlier also the song has been transformed by the people in their own version to either give out a message or for entertainment purpose. Indian Railways also came up with a twist in the song and made a rap on the name “Tera Time Ayega”. It was made to give a special message to the passengers who travel in local trains without a ticket. So the Western Railway urged them to travel with an appropriate ticket, as traveling without a ticket is not only a punishable offense but is also a social crime.

We really hope, people understand the importance of traffic rules by this unique initiative taken by the Delhi traffic police.

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