Delhi court summons doctor for treating homosexuals with electric shock therapy

Delhi based Dr P K Gupta, accused of using electric shock therapy to ‘treat’ homosexuality, was summoned by a Delhi court for violating the norms. The accused doctor Gupta allegedly considered homosexuality to be a “genetic mental disorder”.

Though Dr P K Gupta was de-barred by the Delhi Medical Council (DMC), he was still indulging in this bizarre practice.

He was charging as much as Rs 4,500 for 15 minutes counselling, after which he decides to go for hormonal therapy or psychological therapy.

The court took note of a complaint against Gupta by the DMC, which claimed that he was using hormonal and shock therapy to provide treatment to gays and lesbians. The complaint said the DMC had debarred Gupta in 2016 from practising in Delhi and as he was still projecting himself as a doctor, he was liable for prosecution.

With this bizarre case we realise  no matter how many times as the Supreme Court has held that sexual orientation is natural, many in India are still struggling with the concept that someone else’s sexuality is none of their business.

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