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Discovering her as I learn more about me

This Mother's day, Newsd made some of our politicians talk about their mothers. Filled with anecdotes and memories, these special opinions written by leaders of various political parties fills our hearts with love and hope.

By Shibangi Sinha Roy
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Having always thought of myself as a ‘daddy’s girl’, I began to realise my mother’s impact on my personality once I reached my early twenties. Having come out of the turbulent adolescent years when nothing she said seemed right, her advice and views slowly started making sense. The penultimate realisation came about when I found myself acting like her, sticking to values that she so firmly believed in.

Being a working-mom, things were never easy for her. I understand it now when I come home after a long day and find myself unable to do anything more. But exhaustion never seemed to stop her, it still doesn’t.  I always find my bed made up and everything in place whenever I get back home. Age or workload hasn’t changed her much.

My mother is a doctor having her own private practice. She was born and brought up in a small town in Rajasthan along with her three sisters. My grandparents who were teachers ensured that their daughters did well in studies and other activities. She stood first in her district in her board exams and made it into medical college.

On moving to Delhi after her marriage, she very efficiently managed her work and a large joint family. In spite of her busy schedule, she always made me her priority. She never missed any school function, book fair or my dance competitions. She made sure that I learnt everything from music, dance, dramatics, swimming, and basketball, only so that I could have my pick and decide for myself.

When other parents were forcing their kids to opt for engineering or medicine, she told me that it was important that I chose something that would give me happiness and a sense of satisfaction. Medicine was her calling, it did not mean it had to be mine. But she was strongly against my getting into mainstream politics after my graduation.  In spite of her disapproval, she was the one who defended me every time somebody objected to my decision.

There is so much that I am still learning about her, in the process of learning about my own self because every day I find myself turning a little more into her.

I have always felt that behind every strong woman is a father who chose to believe in her dreams. But I also believe that strong mothers bring up their daughters to be strong and independent women and equip them with the courage to deal with a world that will most of the time be unfair to them.

I am indeed lucky to have a mother who has not only been a friend and a guide but also an inspiration.


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