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Eat an Extra Dessert Day 2023 (US): Dates, History, Significance, Facts

The largest gingerbread home in the world measured 2,520 square feet and contained 35,8 million calories.

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Eat an Extra Dessert Day 2023

Eat an Extra Dessert Day 2023: The dictionary definition of dessert may be “a sweet food eaten at the end of a meal,” but on Eat an Extra Dessert Day, September 4, this definition is not applicable. Therefore, do not hold back. You may indulge in dessert at any time of day, even sneaking to the refrigerator after nightfall for the last piece of cake.

Eat an Extra Dessert Day 2023: HISTORY

We wish we knew who invented this delightfully sweet holiday so we could thank them with a large slice of cake. Unfortunately, the origins of this day have been lost to the sands of time, but we can make up for it by indulging in a variety of delicacies. For many, dessert is the most anticipated part of a meal, and a meal without a mouth-watering conclusion seems incomplete. Some items on the dessert menu are typical. Typically, desserts such as cakes, pies, cookies, and ice cream are served at the end of a meal. However, if you intend to consume sweet foods throughout the day, any sweet food will suffice.

The term dessert is derived from the French verb ‘desservir,’ which means ‘to empty the table.’ After the main course, used dishes are removed from the table and dessert is served.

There have always been sweet foods, but it is unclear which was the first dessert. Ice cream, which traces back to 3000 B.C., is a possibility. The use of fruit and sugar propelled the evolution of the delicacy. Before 500 B.C., sugar was utilised in India, from where it spread to China and Macedonia a thousand years later. The sugar trade expanded to Europe in the 12th century, and confection production skyrocketed after the Industrial Revolution, when improvements were made to preservatives and food processing.

Today, recipe creation has reached new heights, and a wide variety of intriguing ingredients are available. Visual presentation and colourful garnishing have become popular and crucial elements in elevating pastry and dessert preparation to the status of culinary art.


Enjoy yourself.

Indulge in additional desserts today, and let everyone know about this sugary holiday as well. Post online images of the items you test.

Prepare a sweet

Today, spend time in the kitchen preparing delectable delicacies for your friends and family. Be gracious. Make a unique gift for your neighbour, or donate it to a nursing home or the elderly.

Dessert soiree host

If you do not wish to prepare dessert, consider hosting a dessert party and asking guests to bring their favourite desert. Play a game of flavour identification or engage in a friendly competition.


  • After chocolate chip biscuits, chocolate chips were invented.
  • The term ‘German’ refers to Samuel German, who developed a novel type of chocolate while working at an American chocolate factory.
  • Baked Alaska was named after the annexation of Alaska.
  • The largest gingerbread home in the world measured 2,520 square feet and contained 35,8 million calories.
  • Originally, Girl Scout biscuits were homemade.

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Year Date Day
2023 September 4 Monday
2024 September 4 Wednesday
2025 September 4 Thursday
2026 September 4 Friday
2027 September 4 Saturday


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