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Employee fired after diagnosed with HIV, gets justice and job after 3 years

A Pune-based female employee who was fired from the office three years ago for being diagnosed with HIV positive, finally got her job back after the labour court ordered the firm to reinstate her and provide her wages for the absentee period.

The 31- year- old woman had claimed she was fired from her job in 2015 after she submitted a medical report for reimbursement that mentioned she was HIV positive.

“I was asked to submit a document for the medical claim and when I did that, they asked me about it (HIV). I told them I got it from my husband and within 30 minutes, they forced me to resign. I had been working there as a trainee operator for five years,”she said.

She fought a court battle for over two years.

In an order passed on Monday December 3, the Pune court declared that no employee can be terminated on being tested positive for HIV. The court further ordered the company to restore her in the same designation and provide the wages.

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