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Facebook permanently bans far-right groups including British National Party, Britain First

The social media giant, Facebook on Thursday permanently banned a number of far-right groups and individuals which includes British National Party (BNP), the English Defence League (EDL) and Britain First under the company’s“dangerous individuals and organisations” policy.

As many as twelve individuals and accounts have been banned by the website. This includes, the BNP, its former chairman Nick Griffin; EDL and Paul Ray, a founder member of the group; Britain First, its leader, Paul Golding, and former deputy leader Jayda Fransen; Knights Templar International and the far-right activist Jim Dowson; the National Front and the organisation’s leader, Tony Martin; and the far-right activist Jack Renshaw.

“The individuals and organisations we have banned today violate this policy, and they will no longer be allowed a presence on Facebook or Instagram. Posts and other content which expresses praise or support for these figures and groups will also be banned. Our work against organised hate is ongoing and we will continue to review individuals, organisations, pages, groups and content against our community standards,” Facebook said in a statement.

According to MP Yvette Cooper, chair of the Home Affairs Select committee, the ban was “long overdue.”

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