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Fact Check: Swara Bhasker’s ‘Jauhar comment’ crops up again, here’s truth behind claim

Here's the complete truth behind Swara Bhasker's Jauhar comment which was claimed to be made by her!

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Fact Check: Swara Bhasker's 'Jauhar comment' crops up again, here's truth behind claim

Back in 2018, a Twitter handle had posted a ludicrous statement that was apparently claimed to by actress Swara Bhasker. He posted a quote on the Jauhar practice and claimed that was given by Swara Bhasker.

The quote reads, Being raped by the invader and become their sex slave is way better than committing Jauhar (suicide) to avoid that life”. 

Here’s the post:

The post at that time created a lot of outrage amongst the people and the actress was trolled for it too but the claim was rubbished by the actress as she said that she didn’t make any statement of this sort.

Now that comment has cropped up again on Twitter and is going viral.


Revoking the fact check on the claim, Swara has spoken to a fact-checking website earlier, she said in a statement, “This meme by ShankhNaad is an utter and blatant lie. I have literally not used these words strung next to each other in any utterance nor anything I’ve ever said or written in public or in private. I think this perverse, wilful twisting of my article and the argument in the article has been done to serve the hateful and poisonous motives of Shanknaad and it reeks of vicious intent. It’s scary and shameful that a politely worded review of a film should be twisted for such sinister purposes. I think this amounts to criminal defamation”.

The actress also tweeted and told the twitter handle to issue an apology

Forced on the backfoot and threatened with a lawsuit, ShankhNaad deleted the tweet containing the quote and issued a ‘clarification’ and an ‘apology’, hiding behind ‘technicalities’.

Now that the quote has cropped up again, Swara took to twitter and clarified again.

Final Verdict:

NO, Swara Bhasker didn’t make any such “Jauhar remarks.” A twitter handle had mischievously made such remarks and quoted them by saying as Swara. The post was later deleted and an apology was issued.

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