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Fact Check: Viral post claiming PM Modi used abusive language in Gujarati is FAKE

On Sunday, PM Modi addressed a rally at Patan in Gujarati to connect with voters more effectively but that hasn’t gone well with some of them as in a post by a social media user, it has claimed that PM Modi has used abusive words in his address in the Gujarati language. The post went viral for all the wrong reasons on social media.

But as per the sources, it has been found that the viral claim is totally false as PM Modi did not use any offensive word. Confusion has been created as he spoke hurriedly a Gujarati word and that was shown as an abusive word.

A Facebook user posted a video clip and captioned it Modi said ‘BC’ at a rally”. He also wrote in his post “What kind of language is this Mr. PM? Does it behold the Prime Minister of the country to use profanity and that too publicly? Shocking beyond belief!! Have some respect for the chair, if nothing else.”

In the video, PM can be heard talking about water issues in Gujarati language and a particular word in the video is edited and used repeatedly to create confusion.

The same was also posted on Twitter by the same person who posted on Facebook. His bio claimed that he is a Political analyst and Congress supporter.

In his original address, PM Modi said in fluent Gujarati: “Loko em kahe chhe bhavishya ma ladai pani ni thavain che, alya, badha kaho chho pani ladai thavain cheo toh pachi paani pela paal kem naa bandhiye”

PM quoted a phrase in Gujarati which means: “If we know that there will be a fight over water in the future, then why not take precautions.”


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