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Fast-Track Your Disability Benefits Application for Monthly Income

It doesn't have to be this way all the time, though. To avoid being turned down, speed up the process, and get your disability income as soon as possible, experts have some tips.

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Fast-Track Your Disability Benefits Application

Fast-Track Your Disability Benefits Application: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applications are normally processed within three to five months. Getting a second opportunity can take three to four months, and if that one is denied as well, the appeals procedure can take up to two years.

Fast-Track Your Disability Benefits Application

It doesn’t have to be this way all the time, though. Experts offer some advice on how to expedite the application process, prevent rejection, and receive your disability income as quickly as possible.

In general, you need to talk to a lawyer who specializes in SSDI benefits. Even though online forms have made the process a lot easier, you will need the help of a lawyer to find your way through the complicated web of government rules.

Not only will applying as soon as possible help speed up the process, but it will also save you money that you wouldn’t need to spend. Do not work while your application is reviewed. Returning to work may delay or reject your application.


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Getting medical care is important if you want to get SSDI

If you want to improve your chances, get the right medical care as soon as possible. The records you get will help move your case along faster.

In your application, you should include all medical records that back up your request. Ask all of your doctors to write letters about your condition and treatment, including why you can’t work because of your condition.


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Certain circumstances receive approval faster than others. For instance, those who are completely deaf or blind receive assistance more quickly than those who are only partially deaf or blind. It is possible that you will be paid before your application is formally accepted.

We also process applications from people who are terminally ill more quickly, but your doctor has to certify that you are terminally ill. It also takes less time to handle requests from people on the national organ transplant list.

In what amount of time can you get disability?

Individuals suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) are eligible to apply immediately. Approved applications will be paid within a month.

The 15 severe disability conditions allow applicants to get interim compensation for six months while their case is heard.

Conditions deemed extremely dangerous include amputations up to the hip, HIV/AIDS, Down syndrome, and complete blindness or deafness.