French mayor to prepare DNA database to tackle dog’s excrement and keep the city clean

With an aim to tackle dogs’ poop  that remains a key problem in most French cities and towns as the owners let their pets to foul pavements, a controversial new DNA database will be prepared. The database will help trace the owner of the dogs who foul the pavement.

Robert Menard, supported by the National Front, is establishing a new canine database under which the dog owners in Beziers will have to submit their animals’ DNA to the local council.

The database will provide vital forensic evidence. When the excrement is found around the town, the scientists will be able to link it to the owner. The owners then have to pay an automatic fine equivalent to £32.

While some people are appreciating the move including locals as it will make the town cleaner, the judges sitting at the administrative court described the scheme as sinister and over bureaucratic.

Opponents also said that just because people are taking a dog for a walk, it doesn’t mean they do not respect health rules. An original legal ruling also termed the move as purely repressive.

While the DNA database has been authorized, it will apply to dog waste found in Beziers town centre. However, many blame dogs belonging to vagrants for causing most of the troubles.  Some also pointed out that irresponsible owner are unlikely to register for a DNA base anyway.

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