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Green Court raises concern over usage, safety of Ganga water

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Green Court raises concern over usage, safety of Ganga water
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A dip in the divine Ganges wipes out the sins of people making a route to heaven. People have believed this for ages. It is not just a river, but an embodiment of sacredness and sanctity. A Hindu ritual is considered even more pious with the addition of water from the Ganges. The mighty Ganga, considered a path for survival, is itself fighting for its existence today. As the river moves through the state of Uttar Pradesh, a continuous deterioration in the quality of the water can be seen.

According to a study done by Uttarakhand Environment Conservation and Pollution Control Board, Ganga water is not fit for drinking and bathing. It cannot even be used for agricultural purposes. Catering the need of around 11 states in India, the river bears the aggravation of huge amount oif dirt and filth being thrown into it.

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Nevertheless, the river still stand pious and pure in the cultural believes of some particular community in India. Indians at several occasions go for a dip in water or sometimes carry the water to their homes until now. The Green Court has showed its concern and has said, that If cigarette packs can carry ‘injurious to health’ tag for warning on its packet, why not polluted Ganga water be declared dangerous for health if consumed or brought to contact with body (skin).

The chemical pollution of the river Ganga in Patna city has been found somewhat alarming beside the storm drain. Due to discharge of effluents including toxic industrial wastes, skin diseases have become common. A study conducted by the National Cancer Registry Programme has found that those living along the banks of the river are more prone to cancer than others in the country.