Gujarat: Courageous girls escape as kidnappers get down for snacks

Gujarat: Courageous girls escape as kidnappers get down for snacks

A brave incident was reported where two minor girls aged 10 and 12 years escaped from the grasp of alleged human traffickers on Sunday. They were rescued from Chiloda circle and are said to be cousins.

The girls who are a resident of Karoli village in Bandhiwada taluka of Dungarpur district in Rajasthan were abducted by three people from the road and was brought to Gujarat.

On Sunday, the girls were spotted by Vishnu Darbar, the pilot of 181 Abhayam Women’s helpline van assigned at Chiloda Circle. They were crying on the road surrounded by a crowd.

Abhayam Counsellor said that the girls were in trauma but managed to flee from the kidnappers and even helped us contact their parents.

After the girls were rescued, the narrated the whole ordeal to the 181 staff who then took them to another location, one of the girls remembered her father’s contact number and the parents were informed. The family reached within five hours and they were united.

Police-constable who spoke to the girl said that the girls had gone to the neighboring village to purchase vegetables around 1 pm on Sunday, after which 3 persons in a van approached them asking for directions. The road was bit lonely and the men pushed the girls into the van and drove them away.

She also added, “The girls were seated between two masked men while the third one drove the grey van. The trio then got down the car to have snacks leaving the girls without supervision and the girls flee the spot seizing the opportunity.

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