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Gujarat prohibition failure: Officials caught drinking in a govt office

At Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home ground Gujarat, which is also a dry state, a shocking video of government officials drinking alcohol has stormed the internet. As per NewsCode exclusive report, on Saturday, in Vadodara, an official of Ward 3, Wagodia Road along with his co-workers were caught drinking in the office premises. Notably, after the shameful incident was exposed, the ward officer and his co-workers have been sacked by the municipal commissioner.
Here is the video:

While Ward 3 officer Dignesh Damor and his other colleagues were busy drinkings in the ward office premises, a camera caught them red-handed. In the recorded footage, people are seen running and dodging away from the camera after it was acknowledged. However, the camera successfully captured the illegal deeds of those present in the office premises.
This incident brought a hefty amount of shame on the state government. Additionally,  many Corporation officers also condemned the incident. This exposure has eventually, led to the suspension of five employees on Monday by municipal commissioner Vinod Rao.

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