Had Godse not killed Bapu, the nation might not have considered Mahatma Gandhi so great: Kapil Mishra

New Delhi: In a Facebook post, Bharatiya Janata Party leader Kapil Sharma said, “Had Godse not killed Bapu, Bapu might not have been considered so great by the country.”

Sharma, further says, “The shops that are running under Bapu’s name would not have been running and those who are ruling under Gandhi’s name would have been here.” “The killing made Bapu great and the real issues under which he was killed were minored down.”

“In the last days of his life, Bapu was seen siding with Pakistan and the Pakistani thinking. It seems that the greed to make his principle of non-violence great put a cover to his eyes.”

“Had Bapu been alive today, there would have been an open discussion on such issues, but due to Bapu’s death, it became a sin to speak on these issues.”

“It became a crime to speak negatively of Bapu. Had he been alive, he would have become speedily unpopular amongst the people.”

“The way in which, it is found difficult to explain Godse’s thinking, similarly, it would have been difficult to explain Gandhi’s opinions.”

“Gandhi’s image of non-violence would have blurred in the minds of people and his dedication to Pakistan and his stubbornness to prove non-violence right would have been remembered as bowing towards cowardness.”

“Bapu would not have gained support either in Pakistan or India. He might not have been considered the father of nation.”

“Godse by murdering Gandhi, in a way, gave a lifeline to Bapu’s ideas.”

“But the killing also buried all questions for a long time.”

“Today, after 70 years questions have once again raised in the minds of the people that who did what during the partition and why did they do so?”

“Maybe, after 100 years, everyone begin to speak openly.”

“Everyone gets sentimental reading about Godse’s statement and court’s proceedings.”

“Had the ideas come forward without Gandhi’s death, they would have had more force attached. Maybe, the country would not have to face the ugly game of fake Gandhians.”

“If today up somewhere, Bapu and Godse are sitting, they would have all the time to understand each other. Both had faith in Ram and hence maybe are friends now.”

“What must they be thinking – Maybe Godse is thinking it would have been better, had he not resorted to violence, while Bapu might be thinking, sometimes it is ok to leave non-violence behind.”

“Maybe, Bapu and Godse have understood eachother but we have failed to understand either of them.”

Earlier, Union Minister Anant Kumar Hegde’ Twitter account tweeted, “Am glad that 7 decades later today’s generation debates in a changed perceptional environment and gives good scope for the condemned to be heard upon. #NathuramGodse would have finally felt happy with this debate!”.

However, within hours, the tweet was deleted and Hegde shared that his account was “breached twice in the past one week and certain tweets” were posted on his timeline “which has been discarded and deleted.”

Bharatiya Janata Party Bhopal candidate Sadhvi Pragya Thakur on Thursday called Nathuram Godse, a patriot.

Anantkumar Hegde deletes tweet on Nathuram Godse, says account hacked

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