Here's why you saw Juventus players sporting the red smudge in last night's match

Here’s why you saw Juventus players sporting the red smudge in last night’s match

Football is clearly the most sought-after sport around the globe. But when the Serie A game took place between Juventus and SPAL, it was not Ronaldo’s 28-minute goal which took the limelight of the evening. Rather it was a red smudge on the superstar’s face which drew the lens of every cameraman. Apparently, all the players on the field along with even the referees were jewelled with a splash of red on their face.

Interestingly, November 25 happens to be International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women.

So, in order to raise awareness for the same, the footballers took to sporting a red splash of colour on their faces.

Also, this is not the first time that an initiative like this has gained traction. Footballers have even sported wearing lipstick on the field to support the cause of elimination of violence against women.

Even though each spectator cheers for a particular team, such causes carve a special niche in the hearts of fans. The day at Turin will remain memorable to whoever witnessed it, not for the Juve’s 2-0 victory but for how football has the power to catalyse a cause of global importance.

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