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Here’s your step-by-step guide to migrate data from Android to iOS

Steps to migrate from Android to iPhone

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Here’s your step-by-step guide to migrate data from Android to iOS

Migrate data from Android to iOS: A lot of us every now and then switch from android to iOS. We often wonder how typical and cumbersome is the process of doing so.

Recently, Apple dominated the premium smartphone space in India with nearly six million iPhone units shipped throughout the year.

Several Android smartphone users might have switched to an iPhone during the e-commerce sale.

Switching phones is often accompanied by the cumbersome task of transferring data like contacts and more from one device to another.

And if you’re making a shift from an iPhone to an Android mobile phone or vice versa, it might seem like a challenge as there is no one-click data transfer process between the two just yet.

Well, now you need not worry anymore!

There are quite a few ways that can make the migration between Android and iOS a seamless experience for you.

Below is an easy step-by-step guide on how to transfer contacts from Android to iOS or iOS to Android.

Migrate data from Android to iOS : Steps

  • Set up your iPhone 13 or any other iPhone model until you reach the “Apps and Data” screen.
  • Here, tap on “Move Data from Android”.
  • On your Android smartphone, open the Move to iOS app and click on “Continue”.
  • Enter the 12-digit code that is displayed on your iPhone on your Android smartphone.
  • Once the correct 12-digit code is entered, your Android device will connect with your iPhone over peer-to-peer WiFi.
  • The app will also ask you to check the type of data you want to move to iOS. This includes your Google account information, bookmarks, messages, contacts, photos, etc.
  • Once the transfer process is complete, tap on “Continue Setting Up iPhone” and finish the process.

Note- Do remember that certain apps might require to be installed manually as the platforms are different.

Most of the popular Android apps are available on iOS as well.

You can download these apps on the Apple App Store.