Hyderabad: Mosque serves as health centre for lakhs, religion no bar
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Hyderabad: Mosque serves as health centre for lakhs, religion no bar

In a first, Masjid-e-Ishaq mosque in Hyderabad has turned into a health centre, opening its doors for people of all religion. Located at NS Kunta, the mosque facilitates as a community health centre serving about 1.5 lakh people, mostly the poor.

The health care centre is the result of a collaboration earlier this month between the Masjid Committee and a Hyderabad-based NGO Helping Hand Foundation (HHF). The centre will provide free treatment to all patients irrespective of religion with the help of a network of 100 volunteers including doctors and paramedics.

The mosque is located in a working-class dominated area of Old Hyderabad. As quoted in reports, the Managing Trustee of Helping Hand Foundation, Mujtaba Askari said that they were very particular while choosing the area in which the health care center is to be set up, as they wanted it to be in the heart of the slum so that the poor can get the maximum benefit.

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In addition to NS Kunta, the centre will benefit people living in Achireddy Nagar, Vatepally, Chasma, Mustafanagar, Pahadi Guntal Shah Baba, Tekri Biryani Shah, Teegal Kunta, Jahanuma, Tadbun, and Fatima Nagar.

The centre will provide primary health care including free diagnostics, vitals, performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, wound management, maternal care and physiotherapy.

Transport facilities are also being provided to the poor if required.

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