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Just 34 people can sit inside Gurugram’s only library

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Source: CNN.com

Libraries are a vital part of human history, a chief medium of propagating our culture and knowledge through ages. In the changing times, libraries are being replaced by internet. A sort of digital distribution has replaced the role of libraries as a central hub for free knowledge.

Source: DNA

Call it evolution or devolution, the only public library of Gurugram has not received a single new book for years and can only accommodate 34 readers in the reading room at a time. This worn-out building was opened for the public in 1972.  The building has worn out as it has passed through gushes of booming industries and investments in the area. On Jan 11th, CM Manoharlal Khattar opened a new building next to the old one, which is still waiting for its basic amenities and impedimenta to host readers.

“Only 34 students can sit in the reading room. The rest study on the benches outside. God knows what will they do in summers,” said a retired Delhi University Librarian, who has now taken the responsibility of issuing books to students here. “If you don’t reach by 8.30 am, you have to sit outside,” said a frequent visitor.

According to a report on DNA, the only librarian here, looks after three different libraries in a week which makes it clear why it is not feasible for him to devote his time to one. The library was only provided with three staff workers.  The authorities responsible however say that orders have been issued and the matter will be taken under consideration.