Karnataka: Following astrologer's prophecy mother murders two children, commits suicide
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Karnataka: Following astrologer’s prophecy mother murders two children, commits suicide

A fateful incident happened where a mother murdered her two children and had herself committed suicide after an astrologer told her that her children future was not good.

The mother is identified as V R Usha (32), a resident of Sir MV layout and the children Shanvita (2.5) and Shamant (10). Shamant was studying in 3rd standard.

A few days back, Usha had met an astrologer and asked about the future of her children during which the astrologer had informed her that the future of her children was not good. Usha has discussed this issue many times with her husband Ashok, her elder and younger sister. The husband had advised her not to believe the astrologer’s prediction.

On  Saturday, when her husband had gone to the farm at his home town of Abludu to repair a water pump, in the middle of the night around 2 am, Usha gave sleeping tablets to both of her children, murdered them by strangling them and then committed suicide by hanging.

The case came into light when Ashok had called home in the morning but his call remained unanswered. Hence he called his neighbours and asked them to give the call to his family. When the neighbours reached the home they witnessed the bodies and informed him.

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