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‘Love for your underwear is not patriotism’: Actor protests intolerance

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Noted Malayalam actor Alencier Ley Lopez performed a one-act drama in Kasargod bus station in Kerala protesting against Sangh Parivar’s politics of hatred.

The actor dramatically appeared at the bus station and started singing patriotic songs. He went inside buses and asked the passengers, now that the Sangh Parivar is asking people to leave country for their name and religion, where should he go?

Bare-chested and wearing a single ‘mundu’, the actor got on a bus parked in the bus station and enquired whether there was any bus going to America because as per the Sanghi logic it would be the country best suited to his name.

“If (filmmaker) Kamal has to leave the country on account of his name/religion, then shouldn’t I be going to the US as my name is Alencier,” the actor asked the crowd.

He ended the show by flashing his underwear, an American flag, saying, “ Love for underwear is not patriotism”.

When asked about this unique form of protest, the actor said “I am an actor. If I am cold, I will pull a blanket over me. If it is hot, I will switch on the fan. But my country is turning out to be a place where I am being asked to go to Pakistan or Gujarat because of my name. It is a pity that we are living among people who don’t understand the meaning of our “Mahabharata”.”

Director Kamal, who was the director of IFFK, has been facing Sangh Parivar’s hate campaign after he had objected to cops entering theaters to round up people who had not stood up during the national anthem.

He was even asked by the BJP State general secretary to leave the country if he was uncomfortable in India.