Man catches girlfriend cheating, announces breakup via Ad billboard

Man catches girlfriend cheating, announces breakup via Ad billboard

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with the breakup. Breakups aren’t easy and they indeed come with emotional pain. It can make the person go to any length to do something which they shouldn’t.

While there are people who go through a rough-low phase and keep things to themselves, there are others who make it a public affair.

An Indonesian man decided to go far beyond and his way of dealing with the breakup was something unique. The man decided to humiliate his partner in public but not with the common public fights that are generally seen.

This man rented a billboard space and announced his break via advertisement that was put up in a street. On the Ad, he put up the picture of his girlfriend and wrote, “I want to break up”. Not only this, the man went on announcing it on a megaphone that he is breaking up with his girlfriend as she cheated on him.

A fellow netizen has shared a video and a picture of the couple arguing on social media

The billboard text read “You have broken my heart. You cheated on me. I want to break up.”  The couple is seen arguing in the video although the audio can’t be heard, it seems that the girl is not happy seeing her picture and being humiliated in public.

The video has got over 30K retweets and 19K likes. The netizens had their own opinion on the man’s unique way of breaking up. Some called it a publicity stunt while others called the guy’s way of handling his breakup savagely.

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