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Man is using the internet to find a woman he met in Bali

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Man is using the internet to find a woman he met in Bali

Most of the youngsters in today’s age are die-hard romantic, thanks to the love-loaded movies we’ve grown up watching. But real life is way more realistic than the world of movies, isn’t it?

In movies, we have seen how the hero falls in love at the first sight with the girl. And, how of nowhere he tracks her down against all odds and then they eventually meet and live happily ever after. However, the age of internet also exposes us to a number of creeps and weirdos.

A 23-year-old Russian man is trying to recreate the basic romantic movie formula in his real life too. The guy, who was vacationing in the picturesque location of Bali claims to have fallen in love with an Australian girl vacationing right there.

Arseniy Frolov met his ‘dream girl’ at Aling-Aling Waterfall on Saturday. His short encounter with the mystery girl was enough to make him fall head over heels for the woman. Owing to the rain and other confusions, the man could not ask the ‘beautiful’ girl’s name or jot down her mobile number.

So in an audacious bid to track down the mystery woman, Frolov took to social media. The guy penned down a beautiful note for the Australian girl on his Facebook account in a hope of finding her.
Many tourist pages around the world have shared Frolov’s post helping him to reach the woman.

Talking about her potential love interest, he told Daily Mail, “I don’t have her number and her name because I was in waterfall with my friends and I didn’t bring phone to waterfall. The water level in the river began to rise and we had to leave and I lost her. I know only her nationality and that she is in Bali for few weeks.”

Describing the girl Frolov said that she has dark hair who wears glasses and has a cute smile. “Is she the love of my [life]… I think so. But if I don’t try to ask her, I will not know. If she sees this and she is married… write to me, so that I [will] not look for her for the rest of my life,” he said.

Don’t know about others but this has definitely creeped us out. Kids, don’t emulate this guy’s actions. Respect people’s privacy.


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