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Manute Bol Biography: Birthday, Early Life, Career, Facts

Bol and Ring Ayuel are both natives of Turalei, the location of some of the tallest individuals on the planet.

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Manute Bol Biography

Manute Bol Biography: The birth date of Manute Bol is October 16, 1962. A passionate political activist and highly regarded Sudanese-American professional basketball athlete, he was universally acclaimed. At a height of 90 inches, Bol, in conjunction with Gheorghe Muresan, held the record for the tallest player in N.B.A. history. Being ranked second in N.B.A. history in blocked shots per game and sixteenth in total blocked shots in 2020, he was among the greatest shot-blockers in the history of basketball. Bol possessed extraordinary skill as a player. Today, we celebrate him for this reason.

Manute Bol Biography

Name Bol Manute Bol
Net Worth

$7 million

Profession Sudanese-American Basketball Center
Birthday  October 16, 1962

Early Years

Born in Turalei, Sudan, to Madute and Okwok Bol, Manute Bol spent his childhood in Gogrial. The Dinka tribal elder and highly esteemed member of society was his father. The Bol family name is derived from a lineage of men and women who were exceptionally tall. His father was 79 inches, the same height as his sister, and his mother was 81 inches. The Dinka are descended from the Nilotic people, a species that ranks among the world’s tallest. His athletic zeal originated with soccer, a discipline he participated in rigorously until 1972, when, due to his height, he made the decision to retire. Bol subsequently began playing basketball for teams in Wau and Khartoum when he was an adolescent.

Manute Bol Career

Don Feeley, a former coach at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, travelled to Sudan in 1982 to instruct the Sudanese national team. He supported Bol’s decision to return to the United States to play and assisted him in securing a place with Cleveland. At that time, Bol was unable to write or speak English and was therefore required to enroll in ESL courses at Case Western Reserve University. However, he was not granted admission to Cleveland State University. He subsequently proclaimed his intention to pursue a professional career in the National Basketball Association, and in 1983, he was drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers. Although Bol was selected 97th overall, his late declaration rendered him ineligible for the NFL draft.

In 1985, Bol was a collegiate player for the Bridgeport Purple Knights when the Washington Bullets selected him in the N.B.A. draft. Throughout his National Basketball Association career (1985-95), he appeared for three other clubs in addition to the Washington Bullets. Manute Bol has consistently been regarded as a living legend in the realms of basketball and life.


  • Bol, an ancestor of the Dinka people, was regarded with nobility; his great-grandfather, Bol Nyuol, ruled the Tuie Dinka people of Northwest Sudan.
  • His father bestowed upon him the appellation “special blessing.”
  • Bol and Ring Ayuel are both natives of Turalei, the location of some of the tallest individuals on the planet.
  • Bol possessed the greatest height in the annals of NFL football history.
  • When Bol was a teenager, his culture mandated that he and his companions do nothing but sit and drink milk for four months.