McDelivery! Cops help woman deliver baby inside McDonald’s in California
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McDelivery! Cops help woman deliver baby inside McDonald’s in California

A 19 year old woman gave birth to a baby inside a McDonald’s restaurant in Madera, California last Monday. Madera Police helped the woman to deliver the baby safely.

A Facebook post by Madera Police Department said that the woman was in active labor upon reaching the restaurant and it was too late to take her to the nearby hospital.

The delivery was well documented by the cops and they also shared a picture of the newborn on Facebook.

It’s not every day you get to help deliver a newborn baby at McDonald’s. Last night, officers responded to McDonald’s regarding a woman who was in active labor. The mother and the baby were transported to the hospital and they are both doing well,” said the police department

The post has now received over 3,600 reactions, 1000 shares, and 600 comments. It has also gone viral on Twitter.

A Madera police officer told reporters that the restaurant workers had cleared the space and locked the doors so that there would be no problems during the delivery.

Pistoresi Ambulance employees Kevin Carnes and Suzette Lugo kept the woman calm when the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck.But the delivery was successful and the 19-year-old had become the mother of a healthy baby boy.

Kevin said that his partner Suzette comforted the mom throughout the delivery and the entire situation would’ve escalated without her presence.

After the delivery, the mother and her child were taken to a nearby hospital where doctors said the birth was a few weeks early but the baby is perfectly healthy.

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