Mother's Day special: Single mother pens down Thank You note for her late mother-in-law
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Mother’s Day special: Single mother pens down Thank You note for her late mother-in-law

Mother’s day is round the corner. The vibes drive everyone blessed with a mother, to walk down the memory lane and cherish all sweet-sour moments spent with their mothers. Its the day to thank her, honour her, celebrate her and make her feel extremely special.

While you might be addressing your mother as ‘Ammi’, ‘Maa’ , ‘Mom’, there’s one who found the motherly figure in her mother-in-law.

Bhavna Sharma, a resident of Delhi and make-up artist by profession, is a single mother of two daughters after since her husband passed away a few years ago due to pro-longed illness. An in-confident woman, even not sure of how to travel till her kids school without her husband, was in deep shock after loosing him.

Life came with a spat of countless storms and in those hard times, it was Bhavna’s mother-in-law who stood by her. From bringing her out of depression to showing her other colours of life, giving her strength to fight alone and making Bhavna stand on her feet independently in order to raise her two beautiful daughters, it was her mother-in-law who supported her.

Today, though Bhavna’s mother-in-law in no more around her, the strength and life lessons taught to her inspire all of us to learn how to move on in life.

There could be no better time than mother’s day for Bhavna to thank her mother-like-mother-in-law for her constant support during tough times.

Newsd spoke to this single mother to know more about how her late mother-in-law supported in raising two children independently.

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