Mumbai: Animal lover charged Rs 3.6 lakh fine for feeding stray dogs in society

Mumbai: Animal lover charged Rs 3.6 lakh fine for feeding stray dogs in society

A woman was charged Rs 3.6 lakh for feeding stray dogs by society in Mumbai. The fine was levied by Nisarg Heaven Society to a woman who is an advertising executive by profession.

The woman Neha Datwani used to feed strays in her society and around 98 percent of the residents have passed a resolution against her. The society has asked her to pay Rs 75,000 for a month for feeding the stray dogs.

As per a report, the woman has been charged Rs 2,500 per day for feeding the dog. The chairman of the society told a news agency that around 98 percent of people in the society passed a resolution against the woman. He added that it is his duty to follow what the residents want. After the woman approached an animal right activist, the charging of fine was stopped. But it was however resumed later.

The chairman also alleged that the dogs are aggressive and they bark at the residents and kids. He said that the residents are also concerned about hygiene issues. Bora said he does not have a problem if they feed the dog outside the society premises.

The woman, however, claimed that in July 2018, a fine worth Rs 2,500 was levied on her. Later, the fine went up to Rs 75,000 per month. Another member of the society, Ketan Shah was also allegedly fined with Rs 7,500 in July following which, the fine was increased to Rs 75,000 per month.

Datwani alleged that the dogs that she was feeding were born within the premises of the society. Datwani said that she had been feeding the dogs since their birth and it’s a humanitarian act. Datwani said that she was going to leave the society soon. She just wanted to clear all dues because her mother and sister will be living in the society.

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