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National Billboard Day 2023 (US): Date, History, Significance , Activities, Facts

They are used for advertising products, services, P.S.A.s, and a variety of other purposes to convey a message to as many people as possible, who then ingest the message consciously

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National Billboard Day
National Billboard Day

National Billboard Day 2023: National Billboard Day is annually observed on June 1. Keystone Outdoor Advertising, a Philadelphia and New Jersey-based Out-of-Home (O.O.H.) advertising agency, established the day to honour the earliest form of advertising in the world. When located in high-traffic areas, billboards reach millions of people daily and are therefore ubiquitous. They are used for advertising products, services, P.S.A.s, and a variety of other purposes to convey a message to as many people as possible, who then ingest the message consciously or subconsciously. The day should be celebrated because the concept has existed for centuries.

National Billboard Day 2023: History

Even though National Billboard Day is relatively recent, the use of billboards dates back to ancient Egypt. People have always needed to receive messages through a variety of channels, and a method that conveys the same message to the greatest number of people is always appreciated. Modern billboard advertising can be traced back to the late 15th-century adoption of flyposting. Flyposting, also known as wild posting or billposting, was a clandestine marketing technique in which posters were wheat pasted to points of attraction.

In 1796, German author and actor Alois Senefelder invented lithography in order to reproduce text or images onto paper or other suitable material. Initially, it was utilised for musical scores and maps. In 1872, the International Bill Posters Association of North America, which is now known as the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, was founded as a lobbying organisation for billboards. This led to a greater degree of structure in billboard advertising. The group established rules governing the use of billboards for advertising to better serve not only the public but also the advertisers.

In 1908, as the number of Americans who travelled on highways increased, Ford released the Model T. This action reduced the visibility of roadside billboards and progressively prompted advertisers to place billboards on highways to maximise their visibility; advertisers continue to employ this strategy today. All of these factors have contributed to the celebration of National Billboard Day, which encourages industry professionals and businesses that use billboard advertising to discuss how billboards have benefited their businesses or helped disseminate an essential public service announcement (PSA). The day is intended to highlight the significance of billboards in our daily existence.

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National Billboard Day 2023: Activities

Digest a billboard message

Consider a celebratory message posted on a billboard. It is simple to drive past a billboard without consciously attempting to read it, but today, take the time to comprehend the message being conveyed.

Study a book on marketing.

Celebrate the occasion by perusing an advertising book. You’ll gain a greater appreciation for advertising as a result of realising how much effort goes into creating an advertisement.

Spread knowledge

To celebrate the day, spread awareness. A straightforward social media post with a hashtag is extremely effective.


Billboard is the holder of a world record

The world’s largest billboard was constructed by Ford in Madrid, Spain, and measured 6,296.8 square feet.

Billboards in Times Square are visible from space.

Astronauts verified this in 2013, despite its implausibility.

Billboard ads are more memorable than digital ones.

Due to the numerous advertisements we are exposed to daily, billboard ads are more memorable than digital, which is one of the reasons why this form of advertising has not been phased out.

The value of a billboard is $2.5 million

Google owns one of the most expensive billboards in the world, which costs $2.5 million.

Since 1904, electronic billboards have been utilised.

Typically associated with the twenty-first century, electronic billboards have existed in New York City since 1904.

National Billboard Day 2023: Significance

National Billboard Day is observed by supporters of advertisers. As an advertiser, it is gratifying to hear the general public discuss a significant aspect of your work.

Seeing that billboards are being honoured piques people’s interest in them. Their interest in billboards will increase their appreciation for them.

When days such as National Billboard Day are observed, marketing messages are better comprehended. It informs the general public about advertising messages.

National Billboard Day 2023: Dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 1 Thursday
2024 June 1 Saturday
2025 June 1 Sunday
2026 June 1 Monday
2027 June 1 Tuesday