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National Donald Duck Day 2023 (US): Facts, Dates and History

In various legends, Donald has a twin sister named Thelma, Dumbella, or Della who went on to become an astronaut.

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National Donald Duck Day 2023 (US): Facts, Dates and History

In the summer of 1934, “The Wise Little Hen” marked Donald Duck’s first appearance in an animated short. However, he did not encounter Mickey Mouse until his second appearance in “Orphan’s Benefit” later that same year. Daisy Duck and his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie were then introduced shortly thereafter. Despite their superior vocabulary, they were unable to take Donald’s thunder. Donald has appeared in more films (200+) than any other Disney character. This is due to his irreplaceable, nearly incomprehensible grumpiness. Therefore, let’s commemorate on June 9, Donald Duck Day!

And his achievements do not end there. In 1958, he co-hosted the Academy Awards with Bob Hope, Jack Lemmon, and Jimmy Stewart. Oh, and in 1995, an asteroid was named after him. If that isn’t enough to convince you that he is a natural force, consider that he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We have no idea how he left footprints with webbed feet in front of the Chinese Theatre, but we’ll go with it. What do you give a mallard that has everything? His own vacation!


Donald Duck, everyone’s favourite short-tempered animated duck, is honoured on June 9, National Donald Duck Day.


The beloved Disney character Donald Duck was introduced to the globe on June 9, 1934. He began his career as a comic book character, and he remains the most published non-superhero of all time. Donald Duck is so renowned in Finland that he is a national hero! Similar to Hello Kitty in Japan, the character is an icon of Finnish popular culture. Donald Duck has appeared in more short and feature films than any other Disney character, wearing his signature blue sailor costume without trousers. The versatility of his personality has allowed him to play a variety of roles, ranging from army officer and teacher to uncle to three ducklings.

Walt Disney conceived of Donald Duck in order to introduce a harsher character to balance out the wholesome Mickey Mouse. During the exploratory phase of Donald’s character development, Disney read about Australian cricketer Donald Bradman’s dismissal for a duck, which had made headlines.

His intonation is another defining characteristic of Donald Duck. Donald’s original voice actor, Clarence Nash, utilised buccal speech, a form of vocalisation that utilises the inner cheek instead of the pharynx to produce sound, to create a distinctive voice. Initially, Nash discovered this while attempting to imitate his beloved goat.

In the 1940s, Donald Duck surpassed Mickey Mouse with over 128 brief animations of his own. This decade was truly Donald’s, as he gained popularity quicker than any other Disney character. Despite having to suspend most of its production during World War II, Disney represented its position by using Donald Duck in several American propaganda films. One of these animated shorts earned Disney the Academy Award for ‘Best Short Film.’

In addition to his success in films, Donald received his own comic in the 1940s, which spawned an entire series of independent Donald Duck comics that are still widely distributed and relished by adults and children alike. The Donald in the comics, who resides in the town of Duckburg and is the adoring uncle of nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, is much more mild-mannered than the original Donald and has better-articulated speech and emotions.

After Walt Disney’s passing, Donald Duck did not return to the big screen until 1983. He remains a legend and continues to appear in animated films, television programmes, and comics. Donald’s relatability and amusement stem from the fact that he constantly finds himself in predicaments and challenges from which he must extricate himself using only his intellect and limited resources. Due to the politicisation of his character during the Second World War, Donald is adept at absorbing blows from opponents and is frequently featured in global campaigns.


She is Donald Duck’s sister

In various legends, Donald has a twin sister named Thelma, Dumbella, or Della who went on to become an astronaut.

Donald’s starring position

After making his film début, a short titled “Don Donald” made Donald extremely popular with the audience.

Daisy was not Donald’s initial passion!

In the animated animation “Don Donald,” Donald Duck attempts to woo Donna Duck.

Donald the aggressive mallard

Walt Disney approved Donald Duck as the official emblem for the Fighting Ducks of the University of Oregon in 1947.

Move over, Mickey Mouse.

Donald Duck has appeared in more animated feature films than any other Disney character.


Year Date Day
2023 June 9 Friday
2024 June 9 Sunday
2025 June 9 Monday
2026 June 9 Tuesday
2027 June 9 Wednesday