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National Handmade Day 2023: Date, History, Popular Hand-made items

National Handmade Day is observed on the first Saturday of April annually. National Handmade Day is observed on the first Saturday of April annually.

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National Handmade Day

National Handmade Day 2023: National Handmade Day is observed on the first Saturday of April annually. It is a day to venerate, celebrate, and recognise handcrafted items and the people who create them, from baking to pottery to knitting. The day was registered by Amy Bierstadt in 2017 and declared a holiday in 2018. It recognises the painstaking effort required to create products by hand. The terms handicraft, artistry, and arts and crafts are also commonly used to describe handmade products. Bierstadt also wishes to recognise those whose enterprises provide clients with custom-made goods.


National Handmade Day was developed by From Scratch Farm. Amy Bierstadt, who characterises herself as “Maker extraordinaire,” operates this website. Single mother of a high school senior, a sixth-grader, three hens, a corgi, and a Quaker parrot… Creator of National Handmade Day.” On her website, Amy writes that while most social media holidays are “made for laughs,” National Handmade Day is significant because it has value for small business owners.

Handmade products are those that are created in whole or in part by hand, without the use of automation. This does not apply to products that are mass-produced with automated equipment. Handmade art is also known as handicraft, artisanal handicraft, artisanry, handcrafting, and arts and crafts. Midway through the nineteenth century, the Arts and Crafts movement emerged. The movement was spurred by the transformations brought on by the Industrial Revolution. Industrialization resulted in startling changes to the character of production, such as mass production and the use of machinery, which rendered manual labour obsolete. This also resulted in a vast influx of workers into cities and factories, which exacerbated environmental pollution.

The movement was led by the Englishman William Morris, who grew increasingly concerned about the effects of the Industrial Revolution. Morris established a company composed of interior decorators and manufacturers.

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Buy a customised product

Support a local enterprise or entrepreneur by purchasing a handcrafted product. Whether it’s a lace doily or artisan bread from a bakery, commemorate the occasion by purchasing a handmade item.

Perform yourself

Create something original from start! Watch videos or read articles about Do-It-Yourself projects to prepare yourself for all the work involved in bringing your creation to reality. It could inspire a new pastime or business venture!

Give a handmade product

Show affection by creating or purchasing a handcrafted gift for someone. Extra effort should be made to personalise it. There is a charm and thoughtfulness associated with handcrafted items of any size.



Handcrafted jewellery is one of the most in-demand handmade products on the market.


The distinctive and exclusive quality of handmade clothing keeps customers coming back for more.


These are a favourite among children, who use them as gifts, mementos, and even home adornment.

Items knitted or crocheted

Knitted and crocheted accessories such as scarves, purses, vests, and even phone cases never go out of style.


Books, particularly personalised books and journals, are an additional category of handmade items that will not disappear.


Year Date Day
2022 April 2 Saturday
2023 April 1 Saturday
2024 April 6 Saturday
2025 April 5 Saturday
2026 April 4 Saturday