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National Lemonade Day 2024 (US): FAQs, Dates, History, and Activities

National Lemonade Day 2024 (US) on May 5 offers municipalities the chance to teach young people about operating a lemonade stand, networking, and supporting a worthy cause.

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National Lemonade Day 2024 (US) FAQs, Dates, History, and Activities
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National Lemonade Day 2024 (US): Participate in community-wide observances of National Lemonade Day, occurring on the initial Sunday of May. The event occurs this year on May 5. Engaging municipalities will be afforded the opportunity to instruct young people on the intricacies of operating a lemonade stand and establishing a business. It is an excellent opportunity to network with locals, enjoy a revitalizing drink, and contribute to a worthy cause.

The History of National Lemonade Day

The utilization of lemonade can be traced back to ancient Egypt and has since acquired a global following. On the contrary, the notion for Lemonade Day originated when Lissa Holthouse, the daughter of the company’s founder, desired to augment her pet collection with a tortoise. Having numerous animals already in the residence, Michael declined. With the assistance of her father, Lissa opened a lemonade stand in an effort to raise funds for the purchase of a tortoise. She was resolute and committed in her decision.

The National Lemonade Day Campaign was conceived by its founder, Michael Holthouse, as a result of this audacious and empowering notion. Similar to Lissa, he desired to provide additional children with the chance to acquire knowledge in the following areas: financial literacy, goal setting, business acumen, and teamwork. Providing students throughout the United States with life lessons that will endure throughout their lives. This day is more about instilling confidence in our youth and teaching them fundamental business skills than it is about enjoying delicious lemonade and listening to Beyonce’s “Lemonade” — although the latter does not harm. Instilling in our youth an early impetus for entrepreneurship has a profoundly favorable effect on their future achievements; in fact, the success of our children signifies the prosperity of the entire world. Therefore, let us grate some lemons and commence our intellectual pursuits!

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FAQs for National Lemonade Day

What is the membership fee for Lemonade Day?

The Lemonade Day program is provided free of charge to all young people. Lemonade Day’s curriculum, services, products, and resources are sustained through the philanthropic contributions of corporations, foundations, individuals, and community organizations.

At what age is it possible to participate in Lemonade Day?

Although the intended age range for the curriculum is 3 to 5 years, young people of any age are encouraged to participate, and the content can be modified to suit the needs of older viewers.

What becomes of the funds that are collected on Lemonade Day?

On Lemonade Day, the funds collected at each stand are the property of the juvenile participants operating that stand. Their entire revenue is invested in business profit. They are encouraged to spend some, save some, and share some through the Lemonade Day curriculum.

Participation in National Lemonade Day Activities

Locate lemon kiosks associated with events in your city.

National Lemonade Day is observed in more than a hundred cities, so it is possible that this fantastic day has already arrived in your community. No sour oranges for you if not. To organize a National Lemonade Day event in your municipality, kindly get in touch with them.

Participating Volunteer

National Lemonade Day is only possible with the assistance of incredibly kind and charitable individuals who volunteer to mentor and instruct children about entrepreneurship. Visit the website of your state’s National Lemonade Day to learn how to participate.

Produce (and consume) lemonade

What is the pinnacle of your laborious efforts? The pleasure derived from achieving achievement. As you socialize with members of your community over glasses of delectable and invigorating lemonade, assist youngsters in understanding the significance of managing their finances responsibly. We will find time to commemorate this day for such a worthy reason!


Year Date Day
2024 May 5 Sunday
2025 May 4 Sunday
2026 May 3 Sunday


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