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National SAFE Day 2023 (U.S): Date, History, Significance, Facts

One in three American households possesses a firearm. This raises the question of how many of these households ensure that their firearms are stored safely

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National SAFE Day 2023
National SAFE Day 2023

National SAFE Day 2023: National SAFE Day on June 4 serves as a reminder to always keep our loved ones safe and secure. One in three American households possesses a firearm. This raises the question of how many of these households ensure that their firearms are stored safely and out of the reach of minors. Unfortunately, the resulting child injuries and fatalities attributable to hazardous firearm placement demonstrate that many of these households do not take firearm safety seriously. On June 4 of each year, a safety campaign is conducted not only to raise awareness about firearm safety but also to commemorate the many children who perished due to unsafe firearm storage.

National SAFE Day 2023: History

In 2016, the Brooklyn Mahler Mohler Foundation (BMMF) established National SAFE Day. The foundation was created following the passing of Brooklynite Mae Mohler. Brooklynn was visiting her closest friend at her home when her friend discovered a firearm concealed in a kitchen cabinet. Brooklynn’s best friend, unaware that the firearm’s safety was unlocked, unintentionally shot and killed Brooklynn while playing with the firearm. National SAFE Day was founded by Brooklynn’s parents, Darchel and Jacob, in honour of her and other children like her. It also serves as a reminder to protect our offspring from future accidents.

Always store your firearms out of the reach of minors to prevent accidental shootings. Always deactivate your firearm when not in use. Use a gun-securing device to render the firearm inoperable when not in use or while it is being stored. These safety recommendations are consistent with what the acronym SAFE stands for:

Lock up all firearms in the residence.
Ask about firearms kept unlocked in the residences your child visits.
Communicate with your children frequently about the hazards of firearms.
Inform and enable others to be SAFE.

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Five gun violence facts that will blow your mind

Global homicides attributable to gun violence

About 44% of global homicides entail some form of firearm violence.

2 million individuals with firearm wounds

2 million individuals worldwide suffer from firearm-related injuries.

The number of gunshots is similar to that of pancreatic cancer.

Each year, 45,000 Americans pass away from pancreatic cancer, closely followed by the 40,000 Americans murdered by firearms each year.

Every day, eight infants are killed by firearms.

Each day, eight children are killed and 32 are maimed due to firearm-related shootings.

More people die from firearms than flooding

The rate of fatalities caused by firearms is three times that of deaths caused by drowning.

National SAFE Day 2023: Significance

The primary objective of National SAFE Day is to continually emphasise the significance of firearm safety. In order to live a happy existence, safety precautions must always be observed.

Our loved ones, particularly the children in our lives, are priceless jewels that must be safeguarded against all dangers. To protect our children from firearm-related catastrophes, it is crucial to adhere to all of the SAFE protocols.

Life is a priceless gift. It provides many pleasures and experiences, and for this reason, we must do everything possible to protect it at all costs. Promote and emphasise safety.

National SAFE Day 2023: Dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 4 Sunday
2024 June 4 Tuesday
2025 June 4 Wednesday
2026 June 4 Thursday
2027 June 4 Friday


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