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NBA Playoffs 2024: Players’ Payroll Revealed for Each Round

The NBA Playoffs 2024 will determine the portion of revenue players advance to and the payout for each round, despite the league's substantial revenue generation.

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NBA Playoffs 2024 Players' Payroll Revealed for Each Round
Source: Forbes

NBA Playoffs 2024: The NBA is huge and profitable, making $400 billion annually. However, what percentage of this revenue do NBA Playoff players receive? How much does each round pay?

When teams compete for the championship, the NBA Finals, which the Denver Nuggets and Nikola Jokic won last year, are often the most intense.

Six teams make the playoffs based on regular season records and 82 games played, with the top team having an easier NBA Finals path. The remaining eight clubs will finish 8th and 7th in their conferences if they win the Play-In.

The NBA playoffs have five rounds: Play-In, First Round, Conference Semifinals, Conference Finals, and NBA Finals. These stages give prize money. They earn this:

The NBA website states that First Round playoff teams will receive $347,545 in prize money. Conference Semifinalists receive $413,534 in prize money. Conference Finalists receive $683,363 more than before.

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Do NBA champions receive monetary compensation?

No. Teams do not receive additional prize money for reaching the NBA Finals, but they do receive a 15,000,000 dollar fund as they go through the playoffs, partially funded by gate receipts.

Each team decides how to allocate play-off cash, with captains usually contributing to the strategy, which financial specialists check.

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