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Ninja Kamui Episode 3 Recap Reveals Identity of the Reaper

Episode 3 of Ninja Kamui, broadcast on Adult Swim on February 24, 2024, showcased spectacular action, new characters, and resolution of old mysteries, including the Reaper.

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Ninja Kamui Episode 3 Recap Reveals Identity of the Reaper

Ninja Kamui Episode 3 Recap: Episode 3 of Ninja Kamui, was broadcast on Adult Swim at midnight,. ET on February 24, 2024, maintained Sunghoo Park’s signature brand of spectacular action. The episode, which also featured the introduction of new characters and the resolution of old mysteries, including the Reaper, was as horrific as ever.

An additional bloody sequence opens the episode, during which a new, edgy character is introduced. A conversation later with this new character reveals that the ninja leader describes as “exiles” those who disobey him and his organization. Joe Higan is among those exiles whom the leader has been pursuing for an extended period.

Moreover, he emphasizes the critical nature of promptly eliminating each of these exiles. Thus, he requests the assistance of the new, anonymous character. As the assassin extols Higan’s prowess and ninja status, he appears entertained as he considers tackling him.

The boss then discloses that Higan was previously slain by ninjas, but was resurrected through the use of a concealed ninja technique. Immediately following his irrational contemplation of Higan’s assassination, the unidentified assassin questions the leader regarding the Reaper.

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Episode Three of Ninja Kamui: Are Mike and Emma Higan allies?

The narrative transitions to Zai, a Reaper assigned the responsibility of eradicating the exiled ninjas. The Reaper effortlessly dispatches an adversary during combat with one of these exiled ninjas, demonstrating that he presents a significant danger to the protagonist and the other exiled ninjas in general.

Following this, the leader of the nefarious ninja organization divulges that he has prohibited Zai, the Reaper, from participating in a conflict with Higan. Although the scene transitions to another scene featuring FBI agent Mike Morris, the boss’s concerns continue to lend depth to the story.

Mike engages in a dispute with a coworker regarding the continuation of Higan’s case. Mike subsequently pays a visit to Higan, who appears to be struggling with memories of his deceased family. Mike warns Higan that the alliance is temporary and he will need to capture Higan when necessary.

He subsequently expressed that, given his position, he feels obligated to safeguard the nation’s citizens. Additionally, Mike contacts his colleague Emma for assistance and she voluntarily arrives to assist Higan with the case. Thus, Mike and Emma seem to be siding with Higan, at least for now, to protect the people from the assassins.

Episode Three of Ninja Kamui: What are AUZA’s intentions?

Mike joins a shady ninja against his comrades’ recommendations because he loves his country. AUZA seemingly has the opposite attitude.

The episode revealed that AUZA is a worldwide organization that makes military weaponry and technology. However, their cooperation with non-exiled ninjas hides their genuine aims.

Emma then reveals the amazing research room in her car. The AUZA study reveals that politicians and others who try to expose the group die mysteriously.

The non-exiled ninja leader meets with AUZA’s founder, who defends his use of ninjas. One more action sequence with stunning choreography follows a ninja attack on Mike, Emma, and Higan. After Higan wins the battle, fans suspect an ally sent him a mystery phone call.

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