Piyush Goyal uses fake image to highlight govt’s feat; deletes after Twitterati pointed out

Union power minister, Piyush Goyal had to face major embarrassment on Sunday after he highlighted government’s achievement of illuminating 50,000 km of Indian roads with LED lights in a tweet. His tweet turned into a controversy as the image used was from Russia and not the real picture of the project from India.

Soon after social media pointed out the mistake, Goyal deleted the image. He had said, “The government had illuminated 50,000 km of Indian roads by retrofitting streetlights with LED lights.”

The minister’s blunder was first pointed out by SM Hoax Slayer, a site involved in debunking fake news. “Great work sir. But a small request when it’s already done, pls use real photos. This is decade old used by many manufacturers & countries https://twitter.com/PiyushGoyal/status/899177500135358464 …”

Goyal later removed his tweet and thanked people for pointing out the mistake. He said social media helped “illuminate facts”.

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