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Portugal Restoration of Independence Day 2023: History, FAQs, Dates, Activities, and Facts

Day of the Restoration of Independence, or Portugal Independence Day is a national holiday in Portugal that commemorates the 60th anniversary of the country's reestablishment of independence following a revolt against Spanish control.

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Portugal Restoration of Independence Day 2023 History, FAQs, Dates, Activities, and Facts About Portuguese

Portugal Restoration of Independence Day 2023: Portugal celebrates the Restoration of Independence Day on December 1 of each year. Day of the Restoration of Independence, or Portugal Independence Day is a national holiday in Portugal that commemorates the 60th anniversary of the country’s reestablishment of independence following a revolt against Spanish control. The Treaty of Lisbon marked the conclusion of the conflict between Portugal and Spain, which commenced with the Portuguese Revolution.

Portugal Restoration of Independence Day History

A small group of conspirators invaded the royal palace in Lisbon on December 1, 1640, and overthrew the Vicereine of Portugal. Margaret of Savoy made an unsuccessful attempt to quell the Portuguese populace amid protests in Terreiro do Paco, the principal square of Lisbon at the time. The chief of the senior noble family of Portugal, King João IV, accepted the throne the day it was presented to him. The entirety of King João IV’s tenure was devoted to his efforts to prevent the Spanish conquest of Portugal. Portugal and the Dutch Republic entered into an alliance treaty on June 12, 1641. Both parties ignored it, and at the time, it had no effect on the Dutch-occupied territories of Angola and Brazil.

The mentally impaired monarch was befriended by Luís de Vasconcelos e Sousa, 3rd Count of Castelo Melhor, shortly after his 1662 accession to adulthood. He persuaded the monarch that his mother intended to usurp his throne and expel him from Portugal. By placing his mother in a convent and designating Castelo Melhor as his secret notary, Afonso proclaimed himself king. By virtue of this role, Castelo Melhor was able to carry out the responsibilities of the first minister. As a result of Afonso’s frailty, Castelo Melhor assumed the role of Portugal’s virtual dictator.

Signed in 1668, the Treaty of Lisbon with Spain brought an end to twenty-eight years of conflict. After a sequence of negotiations between representatives from both countries, the regent of Spain, Mariana of Austria, acted in the name of her young son Charles II of Spain and ultimately acknowledged the legitimacy of the Portuguese monarch. Despite not acknowledging the Braganca Dynasty throughout the conflict, Ceuta on the coast of north Africa was the only overseas colony that Portugal kept.

Portugal Independence Day 2023: History, Activities, FAQs, Dates, and Facts (newsd.in)

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FAQs for Portuguese Restoration of Independence Day

In what manner did Portugal preserve its autonomy?

Portuguese independence was preserved with the assistance of British involvement in the Peninsular War; French troops were expelled from the nation. Spain is now in charge of Olivenca, a town that Portugal had lost during the conflict. Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro functioned as the metropolis of the Portuguese.

What is the predominant denomination in Portugal?

Present-day Portugal is 81% Roman Catholic, but the majority of the population does not identify as devout. The majority of Portuguese citizens identify as Catholic for cultural rather than religious motives.

Are Spain and Portugal amicable to one another?

Presently, Spain and Portugal maintain cordial relations and engage in collaborative efforts to combat drug trafficking and forest fires.

Portugal Restoration of Independence Day 2023 Activities

Participate in parades and other occasions

Parades are abundant in Lisbon, and they occur in various locations throughout the city. Additionally, minor events may be observed at nearby churches and schools. Participate and celebrate alongside the throng on this holiday.

A visit to the Lisbon Military Museum

The location of the Military Museum of Lisbon is Comércio Praca. Since then, as a memorial to all those who fought for independence against Spain, the museum has been preserved and now houses artifacts from the conflict. Visit it to discover more about the extensive history of Portugal.

Appreciate the exquisite architecture

There are some of the most exquisite structures in Lisbon that you will never see again. From houses to churches to palaces to castles, there are so many magnificent structures that it would astound you.

Five notable facts concerning Portuguese

The oldest European community

Since its borders were established in 1139 A.D., Portugal is the earliest nation in Europe.

Constant sunshine pervades the Algarve.

Despite being situated on the Atlantic Ocean, the Algarve coast enjoys a Mediterranean climate. The region receives approximately 3,000 hours of sunlight annually, which ranks it among the most sunny areas in Europe.

The domain of legendary explorers

Diogo Silves and Ferdinand Magellan are two of numerous notable Portuguese explorers who explored uncharted territories.

The Portuguese language enjoys extensive usage.

Over 274 million people use this exquisite language worldwide.

The Portuguese are of Celtic ancestry.

The Portuguese cultural legacy is predominantly of pre-Celtic, proto-Celtic, and Celtic origin.


Year Date Day
2023 December 1 Friday
2024 December 1 Sunday
2025 December 1 Monday
2026 December 1 Tuesday
2027 December 1 Wednesday