Post Article 370 abrogation, Bhojpuri and Haryanvi artists make songs about marrying Kashmiri women

Post Article 370 abrogation, regional artists make songs about marrying Kashmiri women

After since the Centre Government announced the abrogation of Article-370 of the Indian Constitution scrapping special powers to Jammu-Kashmir on August 5, varied opinions have surfaces. While some criticed the move, many came in support.

In fact, over a dozen music videos in Hindi, Bhojpuri and Haryanvi have been released on social media, welcoming the new changes.

Several of the songs relate to the Modi government’s decision on scrapping Jammu & Kashmir’s special status – referring to, for instance, how men from other states can now have Kashmiri women as their wives. Most of these songs are either in Bhojpuri or in Haryanvi dialects.

As quoted in a report of Hindustan Times, a producer Dhananjay Sharma, who also sings, said, “After the abrogation of Article 370, people are talking about purchasing land in Kashmir. It was a historic decision taken in the national interest.”

Another producer Shiv Yadav of East UP’s Ballia district reportedly said, “Earlier, Kashmir was different from other states. Marriage is the beginning of a new relationship.” “After the central government’s decision, a friend said relations with Kashmiris will be streamlined when we marry in each other’s land. This was the idea we converted to a song,” he added.

Here are few of such songs encouraging people to marry Kashmiri women and but land in the state. 

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