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Priyanka Gandhi shuts up Vinay Katiyar in style

BJP Leader Vinay Katiyar has made a patriarchal comment on Congress campaigner Priyanka Gandhi. He in his remark states that there have more beautiful female campaigners than Priyanka Gandhi, in the past.

“There are several other beautiful women who can be a better star campaigner then Priyanka Gandhi. She’s not the prettiest,” remarked Katiyar following the release of the list of Congress star campaigners for UP polls. The list also has Priyanka Gandhi’s name as a campaigner in the upcoming UP elections.

Many political parties including Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has criticised Katiyar for his chauvinistic remark and asking for an apology for his action. The Congress also slams Vinay Katiyar saying that it makes the mentality of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) crystal clear to the world.

Priyanka Gandhi disregards his sexist comment. She says that if the beauty is all that he sees in the fellow women politicians, who despite suffering under the yoke of a patriarchy every day, leaves BJP’s views towards women very clear.

Her statement:

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