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Professional Painting Services Vs Local Painting Contractors: Key Differences

The key differences between these services can make or break a painting project. Here’s a look at some of the factors that differentiate leading painting services from the rest. 

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Professional Painting Service Vs Local Painting Contractors: Key Differences

A painting job is a significant investment, both in terms of time and money. So, you want a team of expert painters on your side to ensure that the final look is precisely what you dreamed of. There are several professional painting services available out there, along with plenty of local painting contractors. The key differences between these services can make or break a painting project. Here’s a look at some of the factors that differentiate leading painting services from the rest. 

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Your home is about to get a makeover. Visualising how it will look is a big part of the excitement. Paint specialists can guide you on the colour combinations and textures to give each space a distinct look. Choosing the right professional painting company means you will have powerful tools like Virtual Painter and Preview Facility to visualise how your home’s interiors will look with the chosen colours and textures. You can even share the images with family and friends to get their vote on what looks best.

Smiles That Go On and On

Sometimes, if you’ve had a bad paint job, it may take a year to discover the shortcomings. Professional painting services protect you from this unpleasant surprise. An evenly painted and durable coat demands more skill and experience, time, and preparation by painters as well as automated tools and superior quality materials. 

Professional painters are bound by company policy to ensure proper surface preparation, using high-quality products. Berger’s Express Painting services include a thorough inspection of walls to determine the needed repairs before the paint job begins. For instance, the Moisture Meter tool is used to determine whether there is a possibility of water damage. On discovering this, waterproofing materials are used that form a protective layer that retards water infiltration. Local contractors may not have the necessary detection tools and bypass this step.

Similarly, low quality paint requires more coats to completely cover the surface and has a shorter lifespan. It will begin peeling off much sooner than you’d imagine. Pigments, binders, and solvents are three basic components of premium quality paints. Pigments give the paint its texture, colour, and concealing characteristics. Solvents hold the pigments and binders in place until they evaporate, allowing them to penetrate deeply into the area getting painted. After the solvents evaporate, a thin solidified coating of pigment and binder is left behind. Superior quality paints are long lasting and keep you happy for years to come.

Beauty that Comes with Safety and Hygiene 

At a time when health and safety gain precedence, having local painters walk around in your home may not be the best of ideas. With Berger Paints Express Painting, many of the consulting and estimation services are provided through a mobile app. The app can also be used to track the progress of your home’s painting. Professional painters will wear all the safety gear and ensure that your home is cleaned and sanitised when they leave the premises.

Tools and Techniques

Professional painters not only have greater expertise but also use advanced tools and techniques to ensure the perfect paint job. Proper surface preparation aids in forming a strong link between the surface and the paint, improving coating integrity. Sanding is an important part of preparing the walls, as it improves adherence to surfaces and allows for a clean finish. However, this can cause a big mess in your home and cause respiratory problems too. Berger Paints painting services uses tools like the Sanding Machine that sucks up the mess created when preparing the walls, releasing far less dust into the air, preventing 

Cheap applicators are commonly used by local painting contractors. This can leave marks on painted walls. Bristles tend to fall off cheap paint brushes and get into the paint, leaving a visible stripe on your wall. Poor quality paint rollers will leave behind fibres or lint, causing extra bumps on the painted surface. Automated tools, which ensure speed, safety, and a smooth finish. Even if local painting contractors have the right equipment, they may not know how to use it properly or miss out on disinfecting it before bringing it into your home.  

On-Time and Hassle-Free

A professional painting contractor will complete the painting project on time, allowing you to get on with your regular schedule as quickly as possible. They will take care of everything, from start to finish. From consultancy and estimation to ensuring your furniture and fixtures do not have paint splatters and cleaning and disinfecting after they finish, Berger’s Express Painting services ensure you have a completely hassle-free experience.

You can get all the information, seek consultation, buy products, track the painters, and receive the invoice on a mobile app. Wouldn’t you like such a smooth and safe experience? Get professional painters to work around your schedule and enjoy seeing your home being transformed into the haven you had imagined.