Sony SAB’s Baavle Utaavle to start from Feb 18

Sony SAB’s Baavle Utaavle to start from Feb 18

Attraction is the beginning of every love story. Sony SAB’ most slate offering Baavle Utaavleis one such story of two young hearts Guddu and Funty, whose quest to satiate their physical desires are wrapped by the need to get married. With a promise to make its audiences laugh, Sony SAB launches Baavle Utaavle – #Gufu Ki Visfotak Love Is story, premiering on 18th February, every Monday to Friday at 10:00 p.m. on Sony SAB.


Set against the rustic backdrop of a Madhya Pradesh landscapeBaavle Utaavle captures the quirks of society in a small town in India where there is a subtle acknowledgement that marriage fulfils the desire for physical intimacy and love follows later. In the show, the central characters are that of Guddu and Funty, two young adults played by Paras Arora and Shivani Badoni, who are obsessed with the idea of a romantic relationship and meeting their soulmates. While Guddu desperately wants to be with a girl, he is aware of his responsibilities towards his family and believes in being a ‘one-woman-man’. On the other hand, Funny believes that a girl’s life begins only after she gets married and therefore has been praying for the arrival of her knight in shining armour.


Guddu and Funty’sdesires start seeing the light of day when Guddu’s older brother, BrajeshDhimole(Vaibhav Singh) gets married to Funty’s cousin, Sonarika (Mohita Srivastava). Their curiosity and a slight blunder take them under the suhaag-raat bed of the newlywed couple. Though caught in an embarrassing situation, their life to changes as they fall in love with each other at first sight and decide to set off on a journey. However, little did they know that falling in love is just the beginning! Guddu and Funty

who are ignorant of the intricacies of marriage will encounter many speed breakers coming their way. Will they survive these hurdles on their way to lifelong companionship and become the ideal husband and wife for each other?


Produced by RajanShahi production house Director’s Kut, Baavle Utaavle gives a harmless yet humorous twist to topics like physical intimacy and coming of age that is often not acknowledged in Indian society. With a unique concept and strong storyline, this show is poised to catapult the prime-time television viewing experience for Sony SAB viewers.


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