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Starfield Futurama spaceship guide: Parts, colors, and more

By visiting one of the many Ship Services Technicians, it is possible to change the colours of a ship's individual components.

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Starfield Futurama spaceship guide: Parts, colors, and more

Starfield Futurama spaceship guide: Starfield has finally arrived after a lengthy wait. The game steps back from the established mythology and universe of Fallout and Elder Scrolls to deliver a new role-playing experience set in a sprawling universe. You are permitted to explore multiple planets. You can also pilot a spacecraft to get from one celestial body to another, as opposed to only being able to fast-travel between predetermined stations.

To enhance the space-faring aspect of the RPG, Bethesda has allowed players to design their own spacecraft. The game provides a variety of ship components that enable you to construct a vessel that meets your specific requirements.

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Starfield Futurama spaceship guide Construction instructions

Redditor u/SP7R recently posted a tutorial on how to construct the Planet Express ship in Starfield in the subreddit r/StarfieldShips. The player mentioned that they utilised a mod that introduces a vendor with all available ship parts to the game.

Check out this list if you already have a mod that does this or if you want to get straight to the materials used to recreate the Planet Express in Starfield:

  • NG-6 Landing Bay
  • Taiyo Living Quarters 2×1 Bottom A
  • NG-20 Landing Gear – Wide (2x)
  • Deimos Wing A – Stbd Aft
  • Deimos Wing A – Port
  • Atlatls 280C missile launcher
  • Deimos Wing A – Port Aft
  • Deimos Wing A – Stbd
  • Horizon Weapon Mount
  • Marauder 115N Rapid Railgun
  • Deimos Belly – Aft
  • Taiyo Companionway 1×1 Bottom B (2x)
  • Galleon S203 Cargo Hold (2x)
  • Stroud Cap A – Stbd Fore Bot
  • Stroud Cap A Port Fore Bot
  • Deimos Belly – Fore
  • Galleon S203 Cargo Hold (2x)
  • Deimos Belly – Aft
  • Hope 55 Landing Gear (2x)
  • Fusor DC403 Reactor
  • J-51 Gamma Grav Drive
  • Amun Dunn X-200 Engine
  • Hopetech Nose B – Aft (2x)
  • Stroud Cap B- Stbd Aft
  • Taiyo All-in-One Berth 2×1 Bottom A (2x)
  • Taiyo Cargo Hall 3×2 Bottom A
  • Taiyo Engineering Bay 3×1 Bottom A
  • Stroud Cap B – Port Aft
  • 500T He3 Tank
  • Nova Cowling 2L-BA
  • Deimos Spine A – Fore
  • Deimos Spine E – Fore
  • Deimos Tail A
  • Assurance SG-1800 Shield Generator
  • Taiyo Cowling – Aft Top (2x)
  • Galleon S204 Cargo Hold
  • Taiyo Infirmary 2×1 Top B
  • Stroud All-in-One Berth 2×1 A (2x)
  • Taiyo Workshop 2×1 Top B
  • Taiyo Armory 2×1 Top B
  • Taiyo Captains Quarters 2×1 Top B
  • Stroud Cowling 1LA-PT (2x)
  • Stroud Cowling 1LA-ST (2x)
  • Porthole – Stbd (3x)
  • Caravel V102 Shielded Cargo Hold
  • Porthole – Port (3x)
  • Stroud Companionway 1×1
  • Connect-Pro Docker – Top
  • Stroud Cap A – Port Aft Top
  • Stroud Cap C – Aft Top
  • Scan Jammer – Multi-Frequency
  • Stroud Cap A – Stbd Aft Top
  • Stroud Cap A – Stbd Fore Top
  • Stroud Nose Cap B – Fore Top
  • Vanguard Starseeker Pulse Laser
  • Stroud Cap A – Port Fore Top
  • Cabot C4 Bridge

With so many components, you will need to save up credits in order to recreate this ship in Starfield. In addition, this model is intended to replicate a cargo ship, so its mobility is limited. Remember this before bringing it into space for a spin.

Changing the ship’s colour scheme in Starfield to recreate the Planet Express

The Planet Express is a vibrant shade of green. You may use the same colour for your Starfield ship if you so choose.


By visiting one of the many Ship Services Technicians, it is possible to change the colours of a ship’s individual components. Those who wish to give their recreated Planet Express a unique spin may use any other colour.

One of the ships that can be recreated in Starfield is the Planet Express from Futurama.


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