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“Storytelling is future,” SheThePeople founder Shaili Chopra on impact of digital communication on SMEs

SheThePeople founder Shaili Chopra shares her first-hand experience on how digital communication has helped the small and mid-size enterprises to bloom rapidly in the contemporary situation. 

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"Storytelling is future," SheThePeople founder on impact of digital communication on SMEs
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It was not too long ago when small businesses struggled to scale and turn profitable. To make their existence acknowledged, the new stores would put up signs in their storefront and post ads in the local newspaper. Companies had little access to information while they were on roadside which meant delayed customer interactions.

However, booming digital communication – that involves easy internet access, mobile devices, and cloud storage – has allowed companies to offer better services to the customers across globe. From website chats to email requests to social media conversations, companies can be more available than ever before. Perhaps the greatest advantage of E-commerce for small businesses comes from the sales tax exemption on many transactions.

To understand the very challenges required to survive through this transition, we spoke with Shaili Chopra, founder of SheThePeople, a media portal focused various stories of women. She shared her first-hand experience on how digital communication has helped the small and mid-size enterprises to bloom rapidly in the contemporary situation.

What inspired you to have your own business?

SheThePeople is India’s first women’s channel inspired by real stories and seeks to change the discourse on, about and for women. Fierce and firebrand, it’s a platform for stories of women breaking new ground as entrepreneurs, feminists, mothers, doctors, actors, artists, leaders, activists, homemakers and others who shatter glass ceilings in every sphere of life.

SheThePeople started up in 2015 as an initiative to bring viewers – for the first time – digital views and news focussed on women. Founded by award winning journalist Shaili Chopra, it is globally recognised as India’s go to safe-space for women voices.

SheThePeople hosts powerful journalistic narratives, engaging videos, challenging debates and meaningful events and summits that equip women with each other.

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Reaching more than 85 million women via digital, we are an independent journalism project that channels fearless perspectives in the dialogue for gender equality. We do this by being inclusive and bringing a voice to women regardless of their class, colour, financial status, sexual preferences and social status.

After working in Broadcast and Television journalism for so long, what is the story behind your success with SheThePeople?

I believe in the power of reinvention. And I am a real risk taker. I love to take a chance on myself and start something new. Something different. The success of SheThePeople as India’s largest platform for women is testimony that women deserve a space of their own, add to the growing opinions and perspectives in a country,  a life on their own terms.

Why ‘Women’ as subject for the website? 

Women are not a ‘subject’ – they are half the world. With interests in many ‘subjects’. We are 50% of India’s population. But 9% of the world population. We women are not a number, we are a force. We are half the country, and we raise the other half. We are half the vote. We should be at least half the voice. And that’s why we need a space.

This needed to be changed. India is the world’s largest democracy. The Indian constitution starts with three words. We The People. But somewhere in the promise of justice, liberty and equality we forgot the women.

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And that’s how was born, SheThePeople – a media space for women to call their own, for information, news, opinions, perspective, data and more. A space for inspiration to live life on their own terms. Someone, had to tell their stories. And that’s SheThePeople.

Why is Digital the future? 

To me storytelling is the future. We need to realise it’s not marketing but making human connections. Humanity is hungry for real people real stories real strength and some real motivation. Digital is a great mechanism to make stories travel.

Coming from a disciplined family in Delhi, dedication, patience, creativity and right amount of adventure defines me perfectly. As a budding journalist, I take deep interest in social and gender issues.


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