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Women more prone to depression after stroke: Study

London: Women, please take note. Women are twice more likely to suffer from severe depression after a stroke than men, as researchers have found that 20 per cent of women suffered from severe depression compared to 10 per cent of men. The study also found varying patterns of symptom progression;[Read More…]

Bihar Shocker: Woman commits suicide with her two daughters over dispute to change TV channel

Telugu news anchor commits suicide in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A Telugu news anchor committed suicide by jumping off the fifth floor of her apartment building here, police said on Monday. V. Radhika Reddy, 36, who was associated with the V6 News channel, killed herself at Srivila Apartment in Moosapet on Sunday night. A suicide note written in Telugu[Read More…]

Indian smartphone vendors suffer as Chinese players gobble up share

Anxiety, depression can trigger smartphone addiction

London: People who are less emotionally stable and suffer from anxiety and depression are more likely to be addicted to their smartphones, according to a research. Emotional stability is characterised by being emotionally resilient. The study found that being less emotionally stable was associated with problematic smartphone behaviour. People who[Read More…]

Smartphones to predict flash floods? Read about it

Smartphone apps are effective in reducing depression

A research showed that Smartphone apps are an effective option to treat depression. Smartphones open up non-stigmatising and self-managing avenues of care for the people with depression, the study says. Thus, smartphones can help them check, recognize and administer their own mental health. This may head for safe and accessible[Read More…]

Hackers broke into 50 mn users' accounts, says Facebook

Too much Facebook can make you depressed

According to researchers from the University of California, those who check their Facebook profile more often are likely to be sad and unhealthy as compared to those who use the popular social networking site infrequently. Researchers in the US used data from 5,208 people about their Facebook use between 2013 and 2015.[Read More…]

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